Wordful Wednesday-The Cork Necklace Rocks the Shake it Up Wrap Party!

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I love having hip friends who have cool jobs.  I especially love having hip friends with cool jobs who wear cool jewelry to wrap parties for shows they edit and then send me pictures.

See?  That’s her.  And her husband.  At the Shake It Up wrap party.  She gets invited to cool parties like this because she’s an Emmy Award Winning Music Editor.  {I know.  So cool!}

My kids were super excited to see what a wrap party for the Disney show Shake It Up looks like.  I was super excited to see the wrap party photos and get ideas on how to wear my new Cork Necklace from Twisted Silver. Jenny always looks so LA.  In a good way.

Wanna see more pictures of the party?

Looks like fun, right?

Just so you know, The Cork necklace from Twisted Silver that Jenny is wearing released just today.  It retails for $80.  It’s eco-friendly with versatile, sustainable cork.  And it’s cute and comfortable.

Here’s what Jenny had to say about The Cork Necklace:

The necklace looked really cute. It gave my outfit just right edge.  I loved how it accented the delicateness of my blouse. And it made me feel young amidst all the cute teeny boppers.  I mean who wants to be ‘the old lady who was making me take pictures with her’ 😉  Pretty sure these pics are gonna score me some super high cool points with my girls and their friends.  My job is rarely glamorous but some nights can make up for all the dark mixing stages.

I love that I was able to rock it some of the hippest jewelry on the market right now. I even had 2 separate women, one of which was my favorite producer comment on how much they loved it!!  Twisted Silver was in full effect 🙂

Disclosure:  Twisted Silver gave both Jenny and I a cork necklace to wear and love.

Have you ever seen Shake It Up?

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  1. 1
    Twitter: GennyHeikka

    Very cool, Angie! And I love that necklace. Lucky you (and your friend! 🙂

  2. 2
    Lolli @ Better in Bulk
    Twitter: 1momof5

    She is super cute! And so is her necklace!

  3. 3
    Stefany T says:

    I have never seen it but she looks like she had fun. 🙂

  4. 4
    Twitter: Twinfatuation

    Looks like a fun time, with fun folks! (Well-accessorized fun!) 🙂

  5. 5
    Queen Mahin says:

    Looks like lots of fun!

  6. 6
    Twitter: debi9kids

    what a cute necklace and how fun! Looks and sounds like an exciting party.

  7. 7
    Mrs. Weber says:

    That is a rockin’ necklace! Love that it’s eco-friendly 🙂

  8. 8
    Twitter: MTDLBlog

    We stumbled across that show a few weeks back! How fun that she gets to do those things! 🙂
    PS: You have to see my WW post….twin shenanigans you can appreciate for sure!

  9. 9
    Twitter: buckeroomama

    That necklace looks really pretty!

  10. 10
    Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation
    Twitter: RachelVoorhees

    Great necklace and super cute pics!

  11. 11
    Courtney @ The Mommy Matters
    Twitter: MrsMommyMatters

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this show…but it looks like you guys had a blast!

  12. 12
    Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud
    Twitter: TweetingMama

    Love the cork necklace! Random fact: Did you know that Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork? Why do I know this? Because I’m Portuguese. Okay, that’s not really why I know this useless fact, but I’m passing it on to you anyway. Why? Because I care and because I love your blog. 😉
    Your friend totally rocked the cork necklace. 🙂

  13. 13
    Twitter: Lindsay_Y

    I have never seen Shake it Up! But that party looked fun! And the necklace is adorable!

  14. 14
    Twitter: meqsi

    Wonderful pics. I’m linking my WW blog post with your blog 🙂 I hope you drop by my space for this week’s WW. Thanks for hosting the linky party 🙂
    Happy WW!

  15. 15
    Vanessa @FrenchFoodieMom
    Twitter: FrenchFoodieMom

    My kids LOVE Shake it up. How fun! And the necklace is adorable.

  16. 16
    Twitter: babybabylemon

    Cute necklace! Looks like fun.

  17. 17
    Tiaras & Tantrums
    Twitter: tiarastantrums

    so much funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  18. 18
    Twitter: ErinsMiracles

    How exciting! My Oldest loves that show!
    And just for the record, you wore that cork necklace even better! =)

  19. 19
    Mrs. Marine
    Twitter: mrsmarine

    No idea what Shake It Up is… Fun pictures!

  20. 20
    Twitter: mytimeasmom

    My daughter has started watching Shake it up. She loves anything with dancing in it.

  21. 21
    A Mountain Momma
    Twitter: amountainmomma

    Someone is having entirely too much fun in the pics. I am not sure that is allowed.
    happy weds!

  22. 22
    Terra Heck says:

    Looks like it was a fun party. And that necklace is totally cool.

  23. 23
    Toni @ A Daily Dose
    Twitter: tonipatton

    Very Cool.

  24. 24
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama
    Twitter: Hobo_Mama

    That looks fabulous!

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network (both with linkies)!

  25. 25
    Twitter: fourplusanangel

    Such a cute necklace! My kids haven’t gotten to the Shake It Up stage yet.

  26. 26
    Twitter: Naynadub

    I’d love to go to a wrap party! I’ve never had a cork necklace – very cute!

  27. 27
    Stacy Uncorked
    Twitter: RandomCoolChick

    I think Princess Nagger might have seen that show a couple of times – you have one cool and cute friend! 🙂 Love the necklace, too! 🙂

  28. 28
    blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    That looks like a total blast! I need to go to TS and look more closely at that necklace too. 🙂

  29. 29
    Dianna Kennedy
    Twitter: diannakennedy

    “I love having hip friends”

    That’s funny …. That’s usually what I say about you! 🙂

    I kept looking for pictures of YOU, then realized you weren’t there. I’m a dork!

    Music editor …. my non musical brain can’t imagine ……

  30. 30
    Abby Approved says:

    Very cool! I have to say that she does look a lot cooler than me and my friends! We are so Iowa!

  31. 31

    I love that necklace. I think I’m going to purchase it . . .

  32. 32
    Twitter: DolliMama3

    WOW that looks like a fun party! And the Cork necklace is cute too!

  33. 33
    MamaGirl says:

    Hi! I’m new here but I find it fun doing the meme!
    The wrap up party looks fun 🙂

  34. 34
    Vanessa says:

    Read how I saved a snapping turtle’s life.

  35. 35
    Runnermom-jen says:

    Ummm, that’s pretty darn awesome!! I’m kind of getting into all things “eco-friendly” (besides the usual recycling and all). Great post!

  36. 36
    Anti-Supermom says:

    Could you *be* any cuter?! Looks like you fit right in!

  37. 37
    Twitter: Miss_Scarlett99

    I’ve never seen the show but her necklace looks awesome 🙂

  38. 38
    Twitter: SueC

    Cool review! My daughter loves the show Shake it UP!

  39. 39
    Susie's Homemade says:

    Looks like a great time:-)

  40. 40
    Twitter: aquariann

    How fun!! Cool necklace, too, although I’m sure I’d end up catching it on something. 0.o

  41. 41
    Mrs. Cox says:

    Love that necklace! Such a fun look 🙂

  42. 42
    Twitter: shellthings

    What a fun event! Very cool necklace!

  43. 43
    Twitter: CarissaRogers

    So they made a movie from the video game?? I’m confused.

  44. 44
    Kelly Deneen
    Twitter: kelly_deneen

    Lucky girl!! That looks so fun!

  45. 45
    Sarah@ This Farm Family's Life says:

    My first ever Wordless Wednesdays!!!

  46. 46
    jennyleite says:

    haha, I feel so cool. Way cooler than I am in real life LOL.
    I seriously love that necklace. And I still get comments all the time 🙂
    Happy to be of service 🙂

  47. 47
    Twitter: jumpinbeans09

    cool to have a neat friend like that!!!!
    and yep, love the necklace 🙂

  48. 48
    Twitter: 7alltogether

    have we seen it? even my 3 year old said “shake up” when he saw your pictures 🙂 so cool your friend shared the pictures with you!

  49. 49
    Twitter: complicatedmama

    So cool ! My son loves Shake It Up! The party looks so fun.

    I had a friend that use to work at TRL- when there was a TRL, he always got to go to cool things like that too. I was always so envious.

  50. 50
    crafty P says:

    those are such fun pictures! looks like a really fun time was had by all!

  51. 51
    Megan (Best of Fates)
    Twitter: bestoffates

    I’ve never even heard of that show.

    Am I officially old?

    Frick, I knew this way going to happen one day.

    I just thought it would wait until 2012.

  52. 52
    scrappysue says:

    who doesn’t love a good party? – and who doesn’t love a well accessorised partygoer!