Wordful Wednesday-{Co-Hosting Begins}

I’m over-the-moon excited to be back hosting Wordful Wednesday.

I should clarify further:  I’m over-the-moon excited to be able to Co-Host Wordful Wednesday with Amanda.

What a great way to start the New Year, right?

You can grab my button from my tabber box in the upper right hand corner of my site if you are so inclined!

In case you missed the big announcement, you can read about it here, or here, or better yet, I’ll just copy and paste below:

It wasn’t so very long ago that I bid Wordful Wednesday adieu.   I even wrote a very heartfelt and genuine post passing the reign over to Amanda, much as it hurt as soon as I pressed Publish.

I knew I’d miss it, but I had no idea that I’d miss it so much.  I had every intention of passing along the meme and never looking back, but it didn’t work out that way.

From that first week, I was looking back, biting my nails (figuratively, that is), wondering if I’d done the right thing.

I had.

The break was much needed.


I miss Wordful Wednesday.  I miss the visits, I miss the posts, I miss you.

So, I’m taking it back.  In a manner of speaking.

Starting the first week of January, I’ll be Co-Hosting Wordful Wednesday with Amanda over at Parenting By Dummies.

We’ll share the linky so you can link up either here, or at her place.  We’ll have our own posts up for Wordful Wednesday, so you’ll definitely want to visit both of us.  Besides, if you only visit her and not me, I just might cry.

One of the reasons I passed Wordful Wednesday on is that I felt guilty when I was not able to visit all of the participants.  YOU.  Now that the meme will be co-hosted, we should be able to divide the list and give everyone who participates and leaves a comment a visit.

That’s the goal, anyway.

So, please.  Come back and join me (us).  I’ve missed you.

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. 1
    Abby Approved says:

    Happy Wednesday! Glad you are back!

  2. 2
    @PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman
    Twitter: pamelamkramer

    Glad to see you back! Now I have to go find your code again for your badge. 🙂

  3. 3
    Twitter: Rachel_L

    So excited to see you back with us!

  4. 4

    Ah, that’s a great idea 🙂 Welcome back!

  5. 5
    dysfunctional mom says:

    I am seriously SO happy that you two are doing this together! I love you both and look at you hot mamas in that picture! Love it, love it, love it.

  6. 6
    Twitter: buckeroomama

    Okay, so I missed the announcement… but I’m glad you are back and are co-hosting with Amanda! 🙂

  7. 7
    Twitter: debi9kids

    So glad you’re officially back 🙂
    LOVING that picture of the two of you!

  8. 8
    Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama says:

    Aww, welcome back!

  9. 9

    Welcome Back 🙂 I had a feeling you would go back to it 🙂

  10. 10
    Twitter: GennyHeikka

    So glad to have you back! I hope things are going well… are in you school?

    Happy WW my friend,


  11. 11
    Stefany T says:

    Welcome back!

  12. 12

    Glad you’re back and co-hosting is a wonderful idea. You girls are brilliant!! 🙂

  13. 13
    Twitter: _MamaJules_

    Sharing is always fun! Welcome back!

  14. 14
    Dumb Mom
    Twitter: thenagainphoto

    Yeah! So happy you’re back with us because you know how I heart you. I swear, I would not be blogging still today were it not for you, and maybe like five other people (in case any of them are reading). But mostly you. Welcome back Angie!

  15. 15
    GrammyMouseTails~Faythe says:

    welcome back!
    now it can be twice the fun 🙂

  16. 16
    Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation
    Twitter: RachelVoorhees

    Yay!! So glad you are back! I have missed you so!

  17. 17
    Becca - Our Crazy Boys
    Twitter: beccascrazyboys

    I’m so glad you’re back! (and even happier that I don’t have to choose one of you to link with 😉

  18. 18
    Mrs. Marine
    Twitter: mrsmarine

    Awesome! Glad your back and love that you two are co-hosting, great idea!

  19. 19
    Twitter: FamilyTrifecta

    Welcome back 🙂

  20. 20
    Twitter: ErinsMiracles

    Welcome Back!!!
    You gals will make the perfect combo!

  21. 21
    The Drama Mama
    Twitter: poopscoopinmama

    YAY!!! HAppy Wednesday!!

  22. 22
    Vanessa (@FrenchFoodieMom)
    Twitter: FrenchFoodieMom

    I missed you too Angie! I’m so glad you’re back. Hope school is going well!

  23. 23
    Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud
    Twitter: TweetingMama

    It’s so nice to have you back with Wordful Wednesday’s! I’ve missed you. Can’t wait to stop by every.single.week. 🙂 Have a great day.

  24. 24
    The Everyday Mommy
    Twitter: EverydayKathy

    Welcome back! I’ll be sure to add you back in to my regular Wednesday stops!

  25. 25

    WOOHOO! Welcome back! I missed you, mama! xox

  26. 26
    Susie's Homemade says:

    Great to have you back:-)

  27. 27
    Twitter: SueC

    Glad you got a little break! Good idea co-hosting! Happy WW 🙂

  28. 28
    Toni @ A Daily Dose
    Twitter: tonipatton

    Woops I double posted, I got a little too excited LOL> Love the picture of you guys 🙂

  29. 29
    blueviolet says:

    This is wonderful! Glad you’re back in action, Angie!

  30. 30
    Twitter: adventuroo

    Welcome back, Angie!

  31. 31
    Nicole@ Moments that Define Life
    Twitter: MTDLBlog

    Man, great start lady! I’m number 80! I should have posted last night! LOL. Welcome back!

  32. 32
    Allison@Slice of Heaven says:

    So glad to be joining in again! I’ve missed it.

  33. 33
    Twitter: SeriousKrystyn

    So very glad you are back.

  34. 34
    Twitter: DolliMama3

    I’m glad you’re back! We missed you! 🙂

  35. 35
    Twitter: TimeCrafted

    Welcome back! With the size of this meme, sharing sounds like an ideal way to continue. And, isn’t two more fun than one?!: >

  36. 36
    Kara @ His, Hers and Ours
    Twitter: KandJplus5

    Aww! Yay! Welcome back! And what a great pic of the two of you!!

  37. 37
    Twitter: lifeinthebatcav

    So glad to see you back! Love that pic of the 2 of you.

  38. 38

    Thanks for the linkup! I’m a new GFC follower but welcome back!

  39. 39
    Twitter: 7alltogether

    great way to work it out! glad to see you back!

  40. 40

    Welcome back!!

  41. 41

    Welcome Back! It’s great to have you hosting again!

  42. 43
    Twitter: projectalicia

    So excited for you. And what a brilliant idea. I, too, have been thinking of passing the torch, because I’m overwhelmed and haven’t made it to all that comment in a while. But… I know I would miss it. My numbers have declined and I’m ok with it, still can’t figure out how to do it all. Hubs b-day was yesterday. After an all day pampering fest I was wiped by 10. This morning I tried to hit the gym after almost 3 weeks off (after dropping kids at school) and now after only 2 days back they have a half day. Ugh!! My time is gone and I’ve made it to like maybe 9 or 10? Any suggestions? I have vowed to simplify and WW doesn’t exactly fit in my plan for the year, but I love to visit when I can. Ok, enough rambling. Congrats.

  43. 44
    Self Sagacity
    Twitter: selfsagacity

    Glad you’re back! Ready to participate every week.. I’ll try. 🙂

  44. 45
    Michelle @ One Crafty Mama says:

    So glad you are back to hosting WW duties…..it just didn’t feel like home without you.

  45. 46
    Twitter: corisbigmouth

    Welcome Back!!

  46. 47
    Twitter: jumpinbeans09

    welcome back…
    what took you so long?

  47. 48
    Twitter: Lindsay_Y

    Welcome back!!

  48. 49
    Twitter: irishbymarriage

    Twice the fun…love it!

  49. 50
    Twitter: thelucaszoo

    I totally forgot about this when I posted and then remembered. I am excited you are back mama! Happy WW Angie!

  50. 51
    LadyD Books
    Twitter: LadyD_Books

    Great photo of an awesome team… love those smiles!

  51. 52
    scrappysue says:

    wahoo – missed ya!

  52. 53
    Melanie @ Whimsical Creations
    Twitter: melaniescrafts

    Welcome back!

  53. 54
    Twitter: FamilyNLifeLV

    While I am new to your blog – I am certainly happy to have you co-hosting! Amanda has been a fabulous host!
    And yes – snow is not normal in vegas 🙂
    Happy Wednesday I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  54. 55

    Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by my place. I’m new to the WW and thank-you for the warm welcome. Looks like you are starting the year off great so far. Good luck with the partnering!

  55. 56
    Honey Mommy says:

    I missed you too Angie! It’s great to have you back!

  56. 57
    Twitter: Miss_Scarlett99

    Welcome Back! Happy WW!

  57. 58
    Trippin' Mama
    Twitter: trippinmama

    So glad you are back to host our weekly playdate!


  58. 59
    Twitter: jamericanspice

    Oooh Welcome back. It should be double the fun!

    Beautiful photo of you two!

    Happy week to you.

  59. 60
    Julie @Momspective
    Twitter: http://www.Momspective.com

    Yay! You sound so positive and happy and it’s great to have you back!

  60. 61
    Twitter: shellthings

    Welcome back!