Tie Dye How-To {boredom buster}

How to Tie Dye can be a fun craft, and a great boredom buster!  We recently tie dyed T-shirts at a family reunion WHILE camping.  It totally CAN be done, but you do need access to a washing machine about 24 hours after you’ve dyed the shirts.  Luckily, we weren’t too far from a town so this was possible.  Tie dying shirts in bulk can be really inexpensive.  We bought a kit to make 50 shirts for about $50, so that made the dye for each shirt only $1.  We picked up each shirt  on sale for $1.99 at Michael’s so making custom tie dyed shirts for each person was under $5.00, which is a steal of a deal!  It does take some preparation, and you will need warm water, so you will need a way to heat the water required for the process.

tie dye

Supplies Needed for Making a TIE DYED T-Shirts:


  • Two folding tables.  We used one table for supplies and mixing the dye and one table for dying the shirts.
  • Table Cloths to protect the tables, and paper towels for clean up.
  • A large container for thoroughly wetting T-shirts.
  • Ziploc bags {one bag for each T-shirt}.
  • All of the contents of the Tie Dye Kit {this is the one we used}.
  • Measuring Cup
  • Funnel (or piece of paper to fashion into a funnel)
  • Sharpie Marker

Directions for Making a TIE DYED T-Shirts:

Tie Dye
Step 1:  Follow directions in Tie Dye Kit, but start with preparing  Tie dye solutions.
tie dye
Step 2:  Wet and then ring out T-shirts.  Crease into pattern that you’d like for your tie dyed look.  The book has like 20 different patterns.  It’s great.  Tie with rubber bands and then put into ziplock bag so that the T-shirt remains moist for when you are ready to apply dye.
tie dye
Step 3:  Add dye.  There are several ways to do this depending on the pattern you’d like.  The book shows you different techniques.
tie dye
Step 4:  Rinse T-shirts thoroughly and then wash in washing machine and dry.  Enjoy!
HINT:  Label all T-shirts and Ziploc bags.
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  1. 1

    That is one messy activity! But lots of fun for the kids I bet!

    I love the fact that the book has designs in it… ours are always the same looking when we do them. Something new & more creative would be nice for a change.

    • 2
      rosemarie says:

      my daughter is 19 and still tie dyes every chance she gets. shirts ,sheets u name it

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    noelle d
    Twitter: jumpinbeans09

    those look great

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    Creative Printables says:

    Nice! Everyone has her own way of doing the tie dye thing….thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. 5
    rosemarie says:

    my daughter is 19 and tie dyes every chance she gets ,,love it