This is what happens….

This is what happens when I take a 7 minute shower instead of my usual 3 minute shower. I guess I learned my lesson. And, did I mention that this is my brand new carpet? Uh, Lady Merriweather and Mistress Meme, I don’t think you’re going to want these toothbrushes anymore.
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    Heather says:

    That is such a proud and joyful grin! How funny! What is it about toothbrushes that holds such fascination? Many a toothbrush has found it’s end in our house to after being used for inappropriate uses! Um, you saw the doll in the toilet………….

  2. 2

    Your brave having plants, lol! I agree with toothbrushes. Our toothbrushes are always being stolen. I have bought a pack of tooth brushes just so we can replace them often… I know I don’t want to reuse them after seeing where many of them have been taken off to.

  3. 3

    Oh no!! Is this what my future holds? They look like they are having the best fun though!!!

    I too keep lots of toothbrushes in our food storage.

    And I agree with Laura… you are brave having plants!!