Shhhhhhh, don’t tell………

but I’m the master mind behind a massive tad pole genocide. I guess technically “genocide” refers to humans, not creatures, but I’m the director behind the death of hundreds of tad poles. I don’t feel even an ounce of guilt. Jeff drained and cleaned our pond because I asked really nicely (really I did) and you cannot believe the stink, the mess, the absolutely disgusting bacterial plethora that was there. But, now we know about how many gallons the pond is, we know the shape and depth of the pond, and we can see the bottom! The best part? Jeff also replaced the pumps and now our water flows down the rocks from the top like it is supposed to.
My big 150th post is NEXT!
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    I can’t get over your yard! It is so beautiful and serene looking. If only I could follow your lead and get a handle on all of the house projects. Professional procratinator is my second title, behind mom.

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    Oh the boys’ll be so sad, no more froggies! Looks great though, I bet the sound of the cascading water is heavenly!

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    hi my name is mommy says:

    I Love that pond! That is beautiful. How do you keep the kids from swimming in it, or drinking out of it?