Saving Money with Coupons

People ask me all the time if I’m a coupon-er since I have a large family.

Actually, I don’t use coupons unless they are Online Coupons or Online Coupon Codes.  I just can’t be bothered to clip coupons from the newspaper and then plan meals around items that I can get in bulk for pennies on the dollar if I play the extreme coupon-ing game.  Or, buy a meal from a fast food restaurant that I wouldn’t eat at anyway.

Give me a percentage off coupon however for my favorite online stores for purchases I’d already make and I’m all too happy to save money.  And I do.  I shop using Online Coupon Codes frequently, actually.  One of my first places to shop for items I need online is Amazon.  They have great prices already, and if it’s a Prime item, shipping is free, which I love.  {I think one has to be a Prime member to get the benefits}, but I know it’s saved us money.  One can also save with active Coupons for Amazon to get an even better deal.

I’ve been known to buy clothes on-line when they have an additional 20-50%, too.  Somethings I just can’t resist.

I’m hopeful that the money I save with online coupons balances out the fun stuff that I buy online that I don’t need.  Like aromatherapy oil to make 10 different scents of sugar scrubs.

What about you?  Do you save money with coupons?

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    I’ll be honest… I’m lazy. I love the idea of saving money and getting great deals at the grocery store but I just don’t have the time to put into it. Or the energy! Oh my word… all that work seems like it’d take days!

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    Canada sucks at coupons.
    Which is why we shop in the US.
    I clip coupons as much as I can becaue I am unemployed. Every cent counts!

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    Twitter: whatnowandwhy

    I remember watching the clip of that show about coupon clipping. I don’t watch much tv but I knew for sure that was one I wouldn’t watch (Extreme Couponing, I think?). I mean, I’m all for someone saving hundreds on grocery items, but I am NOT the one to sit at my table clipping away. I HATE coupons for save $.50 off of THREE of something. Um, if I’m not usually buying 3 of that thing or don’t want to buy 3 of that thing, your coupon is restrictive and unhelpful. I also hate the ones that can’t be combined with others (or what really gets me is places online that have a sale but purposely exclude the most wanted items (Old Navy does this with their school uniforms. They move them into another section called Daily Steals, then they offer a 30% off sale, oh, but not the stuff in Daily Steals. The minute the sale is over those items are no longer considered Daily Steals). The coupons I seek out and use are for stuff I already intended on buying.

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    Tricia-rennea says:

    I am not a couponer. I have tried it a few times, but the savings didn’t seem worth finding the coupons and tracking down the exact item in the store. Now I WILL join rewards programs where the store keeps all the information for you, like 5% off at White House Black Market, and the points program for Nordstroms. (You have to get a Nordstroms Debit for that one).
    I agree, coupon codes are great and easy to use, especially non item-specific ones.

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    Couponing is a lot of work…….just you need connections for random items 😉

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    Twitter: 2sisters_angie

    I’ll have to check this coupon site out because I’m a lot like you … I’m not a clipper, but I like online codes. And I’m a big fan of Amazon (and their Prime membership has been SO worth it for us) and had no idea they offered coupons – thanks for enabling my spending today 😉