Perfectly Planned Pendant Lights

There’s a reason that kitchens sell homes and that renovations devoted to kitchens are some of the best remodeling dollars one can spend. But the best kitchens are ones that incorporate elements that are just as functional as they are fashionable.


Case in point: Pendant lights! Not only can you find some that simply exude style, but you can also be sure they are serving their shining purposes, whatever they may be. Whether you consider yourself to be a fine cuisine creator or a fast food fixer, properly placed pendant lights can be the right solution for any kitchen.

Here’s a bit more about the different types of pendant lights and lighting schemes you can include in your dream kitchen as well as some of the practical benefits of placing the perfect pendant in a strategic location to maximize its effect.

Over the Sink and Prep Stations

over the sink prep station

A kitchen’s main purpose is to facilitate the preparation of food, so let’s start at the top of the food chain. In order to be safe and efficient in terms of the food itself and the prep, you need to be able to see what you’re doing!

Even if you don’t have a wealth of windows in your kitchen, including pendant lighting over your food prep station is a smart way to ensure you have sufficient lighting for working with knives on your countertop and washing food in your sink.

Select a style of light that will coordinate with your sink and fixtures and will also highlight other decorative features in your kitchen, like your countertops or backsplash. When you select the height at which you will hang your lights, have them high enough so that you won’t bump into them as you work and the light won’t shine directly in your eyes, but not so high that they cease to be effective at lighting your space.

Dimmed Dining

 dimmed lighting

After you cook the food, it’s time to eat it, right? And because you eat with your eyes first, you want to make sure that you plan your presentation to a “t.”

You have more creative freedom with lights placed in a communal area where you will be congregating (like a countertop designed for bar seating) than you do in a functional place where you are working (in your food prep area, for instance), so feel free to stretch the boundaries with more fun light fixtures.

To keep the mood mellow, select bulbs with softer tones and a lower wattage. As an added touch, consider installing a dimmer switch that you can adjust as you progress through the meal.

Go with the Flow

 Go with the flo

One way to maximize both the lighting scheme in your kitchen and feature a show-stopping island like this one is to go with the flow of the island itself. In other words, there’s no design rule that requires you to hang three pendant lights in a single plane, directly adjacent to each other.

Instead, by placing a single pendant above each portion of the wraparound island, you maintain the aesthetically pleasing odd number of pendant lights but you put them where you need them the most. And by mimicking the placement of the countertops directly above them, you create consistency and continuity throughout the entire kitchen.

Masterfully Modern Culinary Creator

 culinary creator

Check out this kitchen lighting design’s double duty: Not only do you have sufficient lighting over the dining table with the hanging pendant box light, but you have sublime style over the cooktop with the range hood/lamp combination. In addition to being able to see what you are cooking with the strategically placed spotlights from above, you’re also simultaneously eliminating the steam. Genius!

What are some other ways you’ve been able to marry your lighting scheme’s form and function to create major impact around your home?

Rheney Williams writes about home décor for Home Depot. Rheney provides advice to homeowners on remodeling tips for lighting, including chandeliers and pendant lighting. A wide assortment of chandeliers and pendant lighting fixtures can be found on the Home Depot website.

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