Note to self……

*Stop buying Charmin……although soft and thick, it clogs the toilets.
*keep Juanie (that would be baby B) away from all power switches on computers. Desktop, notebook, it’s all the same. He can turn them off in an instant.
*even if you are tempted to let the kids eat a quick something in the car, don’t do it. You’ll pay later.

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    LOL LOL LOL! I am dying laughing. I stopped buying charmin a long time ago for that same reason. I only buy the red one and even then I am never really do that because I shop only at Costco so my option are Charmin (NO WAY) or Costco brand. I take my chances with the Costco brand and never had a problem.

    LOL about the computer my sticky fingers do that all the time.

    Kids… to put it in your words, “Don’t you love the magic children bring into your life”.

    Food in the car only a few things like crackers and I do pay for it later for sure. I need something to keep them awake at nap time.

    Anyway thanks for making me laugh. Oh and I expect more pictures to be shared now I know you have the Rebel too, its too wonderful to sit around 🙂 Have a good night.