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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of  DrainWig. All opinions are 100% mine.


Last night my daughters and I measured the combined length of our hair.  Between the three of us we have 66 inches of hair.  That’s kind of a lot.  And, it’s no wonder that Jeff has asked us on more than one occasion to please, please try to keep our HAIR OUT OF THE DRAINS.  Cleaning out those pipes is NOT a fun task.  Enter DrainWig.


I was THRILLED when I was introduced to a handy-dandy new object that prevents clogged tub and shower drains.  It’s called the DrainWig, and it was designed by a mom to many who had issues with clogged drains, too.  By inserting a cute little plastic flower attached to a chain, my husbands days of mucking out clogs are long gone!


How DrainWig Works

DrainWig PREVENTS hair from clogging the drain.  Note: it won’t clear an existing clog, so don’t go trying to insert the cute little do-dad in a gross clog.  If you do, you’ll just be frustrated and probably disgusted.  {{cleaning out clogs is yucky}}  Here’s how DrainWig DOES work:  it saves time, money and embarrassment, because it prevents those clogs from happening in the first place.  The product is designed to catch hair over time as it enters the drain’s p-trap.  Instead of clogging in the drain, the hair attaches to the stainless steel ball-chain that is fitted with rubber whiskers which is of course the “DrainWig”.  After 2-5 months, you pull out the plastic flower and all of that hair that would have been clogging your drain is extracted on the DrainWig.  It’s genius!  You don’t have to ever touch the hair or remove the drain cover!

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DrainWig is Legit!

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DrainWig has won several awards, and was selected to be part of QVC’s Sprouts program and was featured on The TODAY Show September 18, 2013. They selected DrainWig to be part of their Bright Idea contest to find the next up-and-coming great invention.  DrainWig also won the 2013 Homewares Innovation Gold Award at the National Hardware show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can buy DrainWig online at,,, and

Double Package

Wanna try the DrainWig out?

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That means you can try out the fabulous DrainWig for about $5.85 per drain.  The DrainWig comes in a two pack for $12.98 and each lasts for 2-5 months, so the product is really affordable!

Click HERE to learn more and order some today.  I can’t think of a better preventative way to save money in the New Year!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of  DrainWig. All opinions about this fabulous new product are 100% mine.

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