Jacob said…

his first voluntary 3 word sentence. No, it wasn’t “I love you”. We all have to start somewhere, though, right? Are you ready for the magic words?
“I poop mom”.

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  1. 1

    His first 3 word sentence was actually “I poop dad”. I quickly corrected him.

  2. 2

    That is great that he is talking!! They are growing up so fast.

  3. 3

    At least it wasn’t “I HATE YOU!”
    Kate told me tonight she wanted a monkey for her bday. Hmmmm….

  4. 4
    My name is Tammie says:

    Ahhh ‘I love you’ and ‘I poop Mom’ really just mean the same thing. They mean I love you lots and lots now can I run around naked. 😀

  5. 5

    What big boys!

  6. 6
    carrie & troy keiser says:

    That’s SO funny!