Peppermint Oreo Hot Chocolate

We are huge fans of Hot Chocolate in our family, and we are always looking for new and fun ways to take our Hot Chocolate to the next level, especially during the holiday season. Now that International Delight has introduced Hot Chocolate into its line of holiday favorites, we’ve brought their super easy and delicious […]

Raspberry Chocolate Poke Cake {recipe}

BAKING and eating and deciding what recipes ideas I want to make next have got to be on my TOP 10 list of favorite holiday pastimes! I can’t stay away from the recipes that are begging to be baked and one of them is this Raspberry Chocolate Poke Cake. Have you ever had Poke Cake? […]

Gingerbread Fudge {recipe}

One of the things I love most about this time of year is FUDGE! One of the best things about fudge is that just about everyone loves it, and it makes the BEST friend and/or neighbor gift. Plus, there are so many ways you can make fudge variations for a sweet palette adventure. I adore […]

Homemade Crepes with Pumpkin Syrup {recipe}

Nothing says Fall like Pumpkin and this week I experimented and scored with a pumpkin breakfast that I just had to share. I love that this recipe for Homemade Crepes with Pumpkin Syrup is so darn easy. I’ve taken my tried and true Crepe Recipe, substituted International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer for part of […]

White Chocolate Mocha Donuts {recipe}

It’s back to school time and this year I decided to try a little something new and exciting to make the end of summer a little less painful for my crew. Heading back to school can be fun, but the end of summer is always made easier with something good to eat. So, this year […]

Frozen Heath Malt {recipe}

My favorite part of vacation is frozen drinks. In my family, the creamier and chocolatier, the better, so this recipe for making a Frozen Heath malt hits the spot! It’s easy to make, tastes pretty darn delicious and serves 4. The secret ingredient is International Delight Heath Flavored Creamer. It adds a creamy Heath flavor […]

Creamy Fudgesicle Pops {recipe}

With summer FINALLY in full swing, we are loving popsicles in these parts. It’s hot ’round here and there’s nothing my kids love more on a sizzling day after a full day of swimming than homemade popsicles. This recipe for Creamy Fudgesicle Pops is a new favorite. I like them because they are easy, the […]

Strawberry Milk Shake Recipe {#EasterIDeas}

With Easter right around the corner, I’m LOVING this Strawberry Milk Shake with Whipped Cream. It tastes sinfully delicious and since it’s pink, it’s the perfect festive Easter treat. Since it’s pretty healthy (just think of all the calcium and fresh fruit!!!) there’s no excuse not to make it all. the. time, right? {{snicker}} How […]

Making Memories with Photos for the New Year #LifeIsASpecialOccasion

The great thing about the New Year is that it’s the perfect time to create new memories.  One of my New Years Resolutions is to find ways to make joyful memories with my kids and husband in ways that we’ll all enjoy.  Gone are the days when I can get my kids to smile at the camera […]

Save Money While You Shop With MyPoints

These days I do most of my shopping on-line.  I just don’t have the time to shop at brick and mortar stores like I used to.  So, when I find a program that allows me to shop at the stores I already do {I’m not going to change my shopping habits}, AND rewards me for […]

Entertaining Tips for the Holidays {Glade®}

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Glade®, all opinions are mine. I have FIVE children, so whether or not I formally throw holiday parties , I entertain for the holidays. My kiddos expect a lot during the holiday season, just like I did, and my husband and I try not to disappoint.  We […]

Empower Female Athletes with Verizon FIOS #PlayLikeaGirl

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Verizon FIOS.  All opinions are my own. My nieces are fabulous figure skaters and I couldn’t be prouder of them.  I’m continually amazed at their dedication to the sport and willingness to practice so that they can succeed.  They give up play time {among other things} with […]

Personalized Gift Ideas for the Holidays {Bright Star}

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bright Star Kids.  All opinions are my own. Every year for Christmas my sister gives me and my children a personalized gift.  Every single year I try to think of a personalized gift that will be half as good as hers.  It never is.  Luckily for me, […]

Thanksgiving Teepees {copy cat} #LifeIsASpecialOccasion

One of the things I love about Fall is that it’s FULL of traditions.  Our family has lots of traditions centered around the holidays and if there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that my kids won’t forget them. There isn’t a chance in the world that we {my husband and I} can get […]

Alicewinks iBook {review}

The story of Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite of mine, and to celebrate her 150th anniversary, I’m sharing her {again} with my kids in a new and exciting format on our iPad.  Alicewinks is an iBook about Alice with animated video and narration, in an interactive and one-of-a-kind format.  My kids get […]

Keeping Kids Healthy During the Summer {4 tips}

There is nothing worse that having sick kids during the summer.  I’m sure that everyone would agree that this statement is overwhelmingly correctly, from both the parents perspective, and the kids point of view!   Even though my memory is failing, I’m pretty sure that I can recall every day of every summer that was […]

International Delight Pin It Win!

Nothing screams summer quite like ice cream, which might be one of the reasons I love summer so much!  🙂 I was recently introduced to International Delight’s THREE new Coldstone Creamery flavors!  Super Fun, right?  I love that International Delight’s flavors can be used for more than just flavoring coffee {since I don’t drink coffee}.   […]

3 Tips to Avoid Back to School Mishaps

When I was a Freshman in High School I was Too Cool For School.  Let me explain. I was quartorze. That would be fourteen.  In French.  Not only was I Too Cool For School, I took my first foreign language class so I learned that being quartorze sounded much better in Francais.  So, I was […]

DIY Lemonade Stand {free printables}

My sister throws amazing parties and so it’s not surprising that her latest lemonade stand was pretty spectacular, too. When I told her that I had the opportunity to work with Tap Influence and International Delight her ears perked up and she got all kinds of ideas of ways for putting together the BEST Lemonade […]

Lysol Power & Free Gets My Home Clean {& makes me happy}

I’m kind of a control freak.  I like to know when things are happening.  Who is doing what, and when.  I like things in their place, and I like my house clean.  I kinda sorta can’t function when there’s “stuff” out.  It makes me feel like I’m going to go out of my skin.  I […]

Top 5 Tips to a Healthier 2013!

This year I resolved to eat healthier.  I have a lot of things that need doing and an example that needs to be set for my kiddos so it’s important for me to make good food choices so that I can have optimal energy and my kids can see what better food choices are than […]

Tyson Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls #goodnesstogo

I decided to take my multi-tasking to another level last week and use the self clean option on my oven. It turned out to be a not-so-great idea and I blew my double oven out.  It has yet to be fixed, in case you are wondering.  {sigh} For someone that has her days scheduled down […]

Brands and Bloggers: Making the Relationship Work #BlogFrogRocks

I started blogging primarily as a way of journaling what was happening with my twins when they were babies.  I had this crazy roller coaster ride of a pregnancy and things were pretty touch and go for months.  Everyone wanted emailed updates.  Eventually life leveled out and I felt like that circle of concerned family […]

Check Your Headlights Program & $500 shopping spree #GoDaddyCares

When I was in 10th grade my neighbor had breast cancer.  She had a double mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery.  I remember it being a year of helping to watch her little Yorkie, popping in to make sure she was OK, and listening to the grown ups talk about the next steps, horrified by the […]

My Kids As Movie Critics ~ {Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer}

My kids love movies.  Let me say that again.  They love movies.  Like really love them.  During the summer, they have the opportunity to watch even MORE movies than usual which puts them into a state of movie euphoria. Luckily, there are plenty of good movies out there that they can watch without being corrupted, […]

Redbox Summer Fun and Princesses {win a Princess Cruise!}

My girls would kill me if they knew I said this out loud {or wrote it on my blog} but they loved dressing up like princesses when they were young. Much younger.   I’m clarifying that just in case they happen to see this.  {smiling} They particularly liked to dress up as princesses that were […]

Redbox Family Fun & Dino Dan

All three of my boys were heavily into Spiderman at one time. Heavily. The lived, dreamed, breathed and dressed Spiderman. Of course, they learned about Spiderman from TV. About the time that the boys went to school and had to start wearing real clothes, rather than their dress up clothes, their obsessions sort of died […]

My Drive to Contribute in a Meaningful Way

I’m a book worm.  I always have been, and until die or go blind, I think I always will.  There is just something about holding a book and turning the pages and looking at a page full of words narrow down into paragraphs and then sentences and words and then connect again into a story […]

I Had a Bowl Cut As a Child {a little known fact}

I share a lot of really important information here on my blog like how to make sugar scrubs, how to know when your children are ready to potty train themselves (wait, maybe I haven’t shared that gem yet), what celebrities I’ve met in real life and how to throw pretty amazing parties, if I do […]

Learning to Say No {finding balance}

May is a super busy month for me. I always forget quite how busy it is until it’s upon me and I’ve over extended myself and I want to take back all the yeses for things that I’ve committed to that I really should have thought twice about. There’s end of year parties and field […]

Breaking the Cycle: Creating a Better and Smarter Planet

When I was in 4th grade I recycled aluminum cans for the first time.  I collected cans from my own home and from my neighbors and from friends and family.  I remember taking huge black bags of smashed cans in to the recycling center and walking out with coins clinking in my pockets. All of […]

Join Us for a SPRING FASHION LIVE CHAT on 3/20!

I’d love it if you’d join me and my friends, Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls, Ebates, and Kelly of Kansas City Mamas on Tuesday, 3/20 at 9 PM EST as we chat about spring fashion! We’ll be dishing on our favorite spring trends, colors and more…I’m always trying to stay on top of the trends […]