How to Make a Braided Sock Bun {hair tutorial}

How to Make a Braided Sock Bun is the most time consuming of my top Up-Do styles for the summer.  It’s easy to do, but takes a bit of time because it requires a few small braids within the bun and those will take a few minutes.  The pictures don’t really show how pretty the braids are within the bun.  They really pop and add dimension to the hair do that is unexpected and super pretty.  I just love the braided sock bun up-do!  Here’s how to do it in 5 easy steps!

Braided Sock Bun

How to Make a Braided Sock Bun

Braided Sock Bun

Step 1: Put your hair into a high pony tail. make sure all your hair is smooth.

Step 2: Next, put a sock bun into your hair and spread your hair out over it.

Step 3: Take small sections of hair and start braiding them, then tying them with elastics. You can make as many as you want, but I think 6 is a good number.

Step 4: Put a bigger elastic over the top of the whole bun. Once you have the bun secured, take the elastics of the braids out.

Step 5: Twist the rest of the hair and pin it around the bun. Pull the braids out, just a little bit, to define them. Spray with hairspray if desired.

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