Blogger vs. WordPress: A Discussion

Remember back when you were on Blogger and trying to decide whether or not to move to WordPress? For me is was a totally stressful time. I was worried that I’d be overwhelmed by the backend of WordPress, that the transfer would be botched or that I’d just plain hate the new platform. I remember seeing the backend of my site for the first time and being totally overwhelmed. For about 10 minutes. And, I did have a little issue with my google friends transferring over at first. But, all in all, I’ve never regretted my move to WordPress.

This discussion in the Savvy Living Community on the BlogFrog totally reminded me of that time. As a Community Connector there, I have the ability to embed discussions into my blog, and I couldn’t let that opportunity pass me by.

I’d love for you to join the discussion. How did you decide to move from Blogger to WordPress? Was the transition as seamless as you’d hoped? Any advice for those that haven’t moved yet?

Disclosure: I am a compensated Community Leader in the @ebates Savvy Living Community.

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