Betty……my new best friend

Today I had to call poison control for the first time. John got into some Tea Tree shampoo and slathered it in his eyes. I rinsed his eyes but because of the tea tree oil and menthol I was nervous that I wasn’t doing enough. If you’ve ever used this Paul Mitchell shampoo, you’ll be cringing right now imagining what it would feel like in your eyes if it can make your scalp tingle/burn. So, Betty told me what to do and then followed up with me an hour later. In case you are wondering, the remedy was to stand in the shower with him for 15 minutes to make sure his eyes got properly rinsed. I love that there is this organization out there totally free, and totally helpful in which I can call anytime! LOVE it.

Now, does anyone know of an organization with child muzzles? You know, the ones that stop toddlers from biting? ha ha.

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    familyof6 says:

    Oooh that sounds awful!! Did he scream like crazy?
    Hope the biting faze passes very quickly!! Thank goodness I have never had bi…..I am not even going to finish that sentece for fear of jinxing myself!!! Although I am not sure the twins are ever going to get teeth!!!

  2. 2

    OH my Angie. I am so sorry! Poison control is a great resource. I wish I could help on the biting. My twins were/are my only biters. It has gotten better, but it does still happen. At one I had to be very strict with them and firm if biting occurred. I set up the play and pack and made immediate consequences. It did help reduce the biting a lot.

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    hi my name is mommy says:

    oooohhhh, I am very familiar with the tea tree shampoo, not a good one in the eyes. Poor guy. I once had to call poison control TWICE IN ONE DAY. I am surprised child protective services didn’t come knocking at my door. They ate desistin and then a nasty spider bite all in one day:( I never had much of the biting thing going on, wish I had a suggestion. Good luck girl!

    PS- I love the recycle program. Yay…MAC junkies everywhere!

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    I love poison control!! I once called them because my dog ate a tube of Neosporin. They said to call my vet. LOL! I guess they don’t “do” dogs.

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    Casey's trio says:

    Oh no! I’m glad they were there for you to call and that everything turned out okay. Poor John probably won’t be a Paul Mitchell customer when he is older.
    The biting stuff has faded in our house. It still happens occassionally, but they seemed to have moved on to good ole slapping or pulling hair.

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    Anonymous says:

    How scary! How is he doing now? I can’t believe you didn’t call me and I had to read about it! Shame on you!!!! Ha Ha!

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    I had a biter. After she bit me, I bit her, HARD. Seriously, left teeth marks and everything. She never bit anyone again. Aren’t I the meanest mom ever?
    Glad he’s not going to be blind!

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    The Pruetz Family says:

    If you find the organization with the muzzles, just let me know. I’m trying to invent, “Kid-B-Gone” spray to make my kids temporarily go away when I’m on the phone or in the bathroom.

    We used poison control last year when Devin drank some of my perfume. I was told he’d take a long nap and have a headache afterwards. So essentially — he got drunk!

    I’m glad all is well — Poison control is a fabulous thing.