Angry Mama Here…..

Here’s my vent:

I took my three older kids to the dentist today. I’ve really liked the office up until now because they usually try to help me with getting all the kids in with the least amount of hassle. Usually, I park right in front and then send one child in at a time and they motion to me when it’s time for the next child and then I send the others in until everyone is done. Today I had to take the twins in with me (rather than staying in the car) because one of the kids had a cavity and the dentist needed to talk to me. The twins were being really good, so I ended up staying in the waiting room. Now, the waiting room services both the dentist and a physical therapy office, and is owned by a husband/wife pair. The wife is the dentist, the husband the physical therapist. Someone from the physical therapy office came over and said to me with a fake smile on her face, “can we use our indoor voices, please?” HUH? Indoor voices? These are our indoor voices. Garrett was talking in his 3 year old voice which is a little higher pitched than say a 5 year olds, but he certainly wasn’t being loud, and neither were the twins. I was SO upset. How dare she? So, I told them to cancel the appointments that had been made for 6 months from now because I needed to find a family friendly office. I explained that if I couldn’t even sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes without being asked to be quiet then it wasn’t the office for me. They called and apologized when I got home, and I know that it was someone from the physical therapy office and not the dental office who said something to me, but I’m still mad. Wouldn’t you be?

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    I would run straight to my dentist’s office. It’s a tiny bit of a drive (out Clackamas) but it is totally geared towards kids in everyway. Obviously you were dealing with someone who has not been around kids AT ALL. I’d be frustrated to. And I know for a fact that I’ve never seen your kids out of control, ever. Period. And I hand in the nursery!!! LOL

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    I would be outta there too. I think that is very rude! I am proud of you for getting out of there so fast. I think dentists cost a lot of money so I would not pay for a rude office. Taking all four of my kids to the dentist alone was one of my hardest outings this year. After the horrible event where my twins were crying the entire visit, I got in my car and actually cried. The point is my kids (twins) were very loud and hard because they were scared and crying and they were very helpful… offering balloons, toys etc.. anything to make is easier for me. Oh and Hacob hit the door on his big toe and pull up his toe nail and the office performed medical care well above what they should have needed too! Thats what a pediatric dentist is all about!

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    Doug & Stacy Fournier says:

    sounds like my nightmare train ride! i think you were very smart to pull the kids out of that dentist office as well! that was exceptionally rude! i don’t know where people think they get off telling strangers kids how to behave, especially when they are already being well behaved! anyway, i hope you find a kid friendly dentist soon!

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    yep, try a pediatric dentist. Mine is so kid friendly my kids beg to go.

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    I mean I HANG out in the nursery!

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    Casey's trio says:

    I would have been SO mad, especially since she was talking to YOU like you were a child. Good for you for walking out! I’m not surprised that you got a call when you went home after they figured out you had 5 young children theat they could make $ off of for years.

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    I’m sure you can imagine that I find this post SUPER interesting being that we own a dental practice. At our practice, which is not necessarily “geared” toward kids meaning that we don’t have mickey mouse decor or spongebob bibs, we value our families the most! We have moms come in with kids all the time, even when the parents are having work done. I think that being in any business that services families, you have to be not just understanding of the fact that moms have to bring their kids but supportive of it as well. I have spent many hours coloring with our patients’ kids or burping a screaming newborn while their mom has work done.

    I am sorry that you had such a bad experience considering that going to the dentist is never a treat anyway (yes, we acknowledge that fact:). Being made to feel that you are a nuissance is completely unacceptable in my opinion. Good luck finding an office that supports the family lifestyle. They ARE out there!

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    Yep, I would’ve left, too!! That was uncalled for.

  9. 9

    YES!! Rude, rude, rude.

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    familyof6 says:

    I would have been so angry and yes, I would have left and canceled too!!