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Happy Father’s Day 2012!

This Father’s Day I actually prepared early. I made a Father’s Day Banner for Jeff with the kids, and had them create art work and sign a card. I mailed my dad a gift well in advance of Father’s Day, which I haven’t done in ages. Then, as I was sitting on my rear feeling […]


I feel pretty blessed to have a wonderful father. I think I might have the world’s most easy going dad around.  Growing up, he NEVER spanked, hit or slapped me in anger (or at all).  If I recall correctly, I could only enrage him enough to chase my TRYING to kick me once.  {He never […]

DIY Clothes Hanger Belt Organization {gift idea}

How to organize belts using clothes hangers is super simple with a little DIY work.  All you need to do is drill a few holes into the bottom of a wooden coat hanger, screw in some hooks and you have the perfect DIY belt hanger organization that is sturdy, functional and best of all, space […]