WW: Out to save the day…..

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  1. Melissa:

    LOL! Is he posing as Captain Nudie?

  2. Elizabeth:

    Oh my goodness! That is hilarious!

  3. Mekhismom:

    Angie – what a funny picture! All he needs a Cowboy Hat and he would be the true Naked Cowboy (the one in NY wears underwear)!

  4. Shannon:

    Sooo cute!!!!

  5. The Pink Potpourri:

    oh my goodness! that is so cute and hilarious!

  6. Molly:

    Brilliant! Save it for when you throw him an 18th birthday party and have it blown up! I do this for Ned, I have great shots of him in boots and nothing else, my high heels!

  7. Casey's trio:

    So funny! At least he remembered to put his cowboy boots on:)

  8. Amy:

    He’s got his boots… what else does he need??? That is so great. Very funny and cute!

  9. Carrie:

    What a fun picture. This made me smile this morning. You have some pretty funny kids.

  10. Helene:

    That’s SO cute!! He’s on a mission!!!!

  11. Laurie M.:

    Ha! That is so cute!

  12. Octamom:

    Ohhh! So cute–but that sheriff’s badge has got to hurt a bit ;o)

  13. Kally:

    I love it. Gotta love those days when they play dress-up or dress-down in this case.

  14. Taya:

    Nice editing job there! He will apprecicate this in about 20 years…

  15. Melissa:

    I really think Masaru and the twins would get along like a house on fire.
    I love the editing.

  16. Jaysi:

    So stinking cute! Love the buns shot, and the start fits perfectly!

  17. Kacey Randolph:

    Hey – I’m happy to see the kiddo has his priorities in order. I mean really – what is more important? lol Great picture!

  18. Rachel:

    Seriously how cute is that?!?!? :)

  19. Veggie Mom:

    What a cute little ol’ Razor-scootering Cowboy! I especially love the place he wears his star! BTW, Uncle Lynn is guesting today on my blog, so please drop in!

  20. GoteeMan:

    One tough cowboy!!!
    Who needs pants anyway…


  21. Kimberly:

    That is hilarious! How precious! :)

  22. MoziEsmé:

    What an adorable hero! The boots are perfect with that outfit . . .

  23. Philigry:

    oh my god! love it, just love it! nothing like a good bum shot, and the boots make it really good!

  24. Shannon:

    Soooooo cute! Nothin’ better in the world than a naked 2 year old butt…except when it includes cowboy boots!

  25. mannequin:

    Ohhh… So cute! I LOVE the cowboy boots :)
    Emil loved being sans clothing in the backyard and I let him do it as long as I possibly could!

  26. ali:

    Adorable! Good thing he’s not wearing spurs!

  27. Meg:

    That is precious!

  28. Crazy Daisy:

    hehe… adorable!

  29. les_mason_curt:

    love this… my little man loves to run around naked… priceless.. do not forget to pull this out when he goes on his first date and at his wedding…

  30. sassy stephanie:

    Are those paparazzi at my house again!!??!! Oh wait, mine wears camo rain boots. Whew.

  31. Melissa B.:

    Aw, gosh, the little sheriff seems to know who's in charge! And who planted his star in such an "appropriate" place? Hey–thanks for visiting & come back soon–we've got lots more groovy info, questions, and, of course, the neat Asbury Park, NJ, prizes at the end of the week!

  32. Rhea:

    Oh, no you didn’t! Cute little kid hiney and cowboy boots. sigh. You’ve made my day. ADORABLE.

  33. Kelly:


  34. Munchkins and Music:

    Wouldn’t all men like to do this?

  35. Genny:

    Love the boots! Precious pic.

  36. Quirky:

    Is that where they wear their badges now!?

  37. latree:

    “hummm, I’m a bad bad guy, but I’m afraid of this sheriff. I’d better be away from him…”

  38. Jocasta:

    So cute – I never get tired of seeing naked kid pictures!

  39. Heather:

    Love the boots! :)

  40. latree:

    angie, your answered my quiz right. so I guess I owe you a topic to write. tell me what you want me to write about, but don’t give me a hard one please :)

  41. Neil:

    There’s a new sheriff in town … what a darlin’ photo!

  42. Good N Crazy:

    Okay, watch out for extra hits today?

    I hope you scrapbook this one in a real book, eh?

  43. MomMega:

    Best. Outfit. Ever.

  44. Gunnisac Sandersons:

    LOL!!!! Oh you have got to love little boys! Love this picture.

  45. Jessica:

    Love it..What a great shot. Glad to see my boys aren’t the only ones outside in the nakey.

  46. Rhonda:

    LMAO! The star on his ass just seals it! That is tooo funny!

  47. My name is Tammie:

    Yep. That just made his wedding montage. LOL! SO cute!

  48. Tiff:

    That picture may be too cute for words!

  49. misty:

    Too cute. I cannot keep clothes on my daughter, she is naked 99.9% of the time. lol

  50. Tiffany:


  51. Are You Serious!:

    ♥ Too funny! :)

  52. Motherhood for Dummies:

    So he is kind of going in the opposite direction as spiderman and batman, with the whole disguise thing…. is he trying to divert attention from his face while fighting crime?

  53. tinabean1988:

    I LOVE a good naked baby butt!
    This is such a cute pic.

  54. the schirano triplets:

    i am a little late on the comment, and my gosh do you have a lot already so mine may get lost :) but, just wanted to say i love the picture…too funny! cowboy boots, a naked bottom and a scooter…what’s not to love?!?

  55. Jennifer P.:

    He needs a gun holster I think! Thanks goodness for strategically placed sherrif’s badges :)!

    So I have question for you: How on earth do you get through your whole blog roll? I have people I want to add so badly, but it already takes me about 2 hours to get through everyone I have. Maybe you have a system I should know about :)!

  56. Stephanie:

    Too stinkin’ cute for words!!

  57. Kimmers:

    Ahhhhh this is so cute it hurts!

  58. Laurie:

    GREAT cute photo!!

  59. Kristin:

    ok, you ruined it with the star. baby bums are the cutest.

  60. Connie:

    He is awesome!!

  61. Lala:

    Bananas! 60 comments… geesh Well I am glad to be your 61st! Wink

  62. Tash:

    you ARE TOO COOL for words snapping this shot. lil butts are the best especially with cowboy boots on!

  63. raising4boys:

    Hilarious! At least he thought to put on his cowboy boots.

  64. Tiffany:

    Perfect title! That is just too adorable.

  65. WheresMyAngels:

    Too funny and love that star!

  66. Carrie and Troy Keiser:

    Em said, “He’s nekked!” How stinking funny! :)

  67. Cecily R:

    HO. Leeeee. CRUD. That is so SO cute!!!

  68. Bonnie the Boss:

    LMBO! so cute! it reminds me of my little brother when he was a little boy. He never took off those boots!

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