Writing for the The Million Moms Challenge

What went through your mind when you held your child for the first time?

I don’t think that I’ll ever forget the wonderfully sweet feeling I felt when I first held each of my children.  I remember feeling such an outpouring of love for the tiny little bundle of goodness  laying in my arms and thinking how wonderful it was to have such a bundle.  I remember feeling like everything must be right in the world and that I was the luckiest mama around.  It’s a feeling like no other.

Holding my twins for the first time was different. ….(the rest of my story is on the Million Moms Challenge site.)


I’d LOVE for you to read my entire article over on Million Moms Challenge… if you comment over there not only will you make ME happy, you’ll be entered to win some fantastic prizes, and  you can become a part of the Million Mom’s Challenge, which is a campaign for hope, a movement for change, and a call-to-action.  It’s so easy to be apart of the movement, and I urge you to see how you can!


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