Writer’s Workshop-What I Can Do

It’s time for another installment of Writer’s Workshop, lovingly hosted by Mama Kat.

Here’s the prompt I chose:
List ten things you can do in three minutes.

It’s actually a bit ironic that I chose this prompt because I’m a little unclear. Is this ten individual things that take me 3 minutes or less to do? Or ten things I can accomplish together in three minutes?

I’m going with the former.

I don’t know if there are 10 things I can do in three minutes combined except yell at my kids 9 times and type about a 100 words. And that’s just not worth mentioning.

In three minutes I can:
Make three lunches.
Brush my teeth.
Unload my dishwasher.
Read a few pages of my book.
Type a few hundred words.
Put out fires. Lot’s and lot’s of figurative fires.
Start a load of laundry
Direct. And hope they listen.
Dial a number, state my business and get off the phone.

I’m feeling pretty talented.

What can you do in three minutes?


  1. 1

    Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    I wasn’t sure which way to go with this list either, so I went both ways. Love your list!!

  2. 22

    Carrie says

    You go girl. Apparently, I need to get some wind in my sails. You can get alot accomplished in a short amount of time!

  3. 35

    Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy says

    I love the last one… “state my business”… I’m guessing you are not a “phone” person? LOL

  4. 36

    Dan says

    I thought about this topic before deciding to do another – but our lists have 3 items in common. Seems everyone can empty their dishwasher lickety-split.

  5. 37

    Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor says

    LOL – great list. I do not think I should answer this question in my current sarcastic and somewhat jaded state of mind. It is a family show after all.

  6. 39

    girlytwins says

    I bet if you really put your mind to it you could get almost all your list done in 3 minutes 🙂 LOL

    I love that you added hide. Hilarious.

    And I am going to time myself the next time I unload my dishwasher. I am sure it takes longer than 3 minutes…at least it sure feels that way 🙂

  7. 43

    brunger bunch says

    Too fun…I am sure there are a hundred things we as moms can do in less than three minutes! I loved your post about best friends..I have been thinking a lot about mine lately. It is crazy here..I started another class in school, and my blogging is getting put on the back burner:(

  8. 45

    Kathy B! says

    I can read an awesome blog, LOL about the part that read, “hide,” and leave a lame comment.

    Normally I could have done more but I was trying (and failing) to be witty 🙂

  9. 46

    I am Arizona; a person, not a place. says

    I wish I could unload my dishwasher in three minutes! I must be slow because it takes me a lot longer! Gosh, three minutes….it takes me about that long to walk to Starbucks with my dog (and that includes a pee break…for the dog, that is!).

  10. 47

    Heather says

    Eat a bowl of ice cream. I’m stress eating right now. No judging, please. It’s my drug of choice.

  11. 48

    NateAndJakesMom says

    I am not sure my list would be as good as yours. I am a work in progress… 🙂 Or so I keep telling myself lol.

  12. 49

    Bonnie the Boss says

    You are amazing! It takes me 10 minutes to unload and load the dishwasher. So I know 3 is out of the question.

  13. 50

    Jenni Jiggety says

    How funny that we both started our posts almost the SAME way….right down to former and latter! LOL!

    Great minds think alike!

  14. 51

    Deb says

    this was a funny list! and your answer for the combined 10 in 3 was just about the only thing i can do, as well (minus the typing).

    i hate talking on the phone more than just about anything.

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