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I had to step out of my comfort zone for this one. Poetry is not my thing. Mama Kat ‘s prompt called for a 16-line poem (rhyming or non-rhyming) about a moment from my childhood that changed my life for the better. I sort of read the 16 line poem part, retained the word “childhood” and didn’t really pay attention to the rest.

So, once again, I haven’t followed the directions. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on my kids when they don’t follow my instructions. But I regress.

My poem isn’t about a moment, but a series of moments that changed my life…..for the better.

In a truck the world she entered
Blackened eyes her father rendered
Always crying, crying, a whiner
Around their fingers somehow twined

The youngest child; pampered, endulged
In a truck the world she entered
Life around her mother centered
Marriage divided, sadness entered

A new union, ending in death
Wailing, wailing, lost and broken
In a truck the world she entered
The scent of her mom surrendered

Woman, wife, sister, and mother
Wouldn’t trade her life for another
Family first, finally centered
In a truck the world she entered

Quatern: 16 line French form composed of four quatrains. It has a refrain that is in a different place in each quatrain. A quatern has eight syllables per line. It does not have to be iambic or follow a set rhyme.


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    Deb says

    i suspect this is a rather large piece of your soul you offered us today. i haven’t known you for very long (don’t you love that??? KNOWN??? i’ve never met you!), but i think i was right behind you as you made your way through all the WW posts (i don’t know how you do it. i had to start picking and choosing once i hit #60), and i saw a couple of clues as to what this poem may mean.

    you are a strong, funny, beautiful, brave lady, miss angie! thanks for taking a chance on us.

    i LOVED it.

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    Kristin says

    That was great. I susspect it was a bit healing for you. I think that poetry is one of your many tallents. Keep it up.

  3. 9

    mannequin says

    Oh Angie.. you are such a wonderful writer. I think you pretty much summed it up there, what an evolution you’ve gone through and yet you’ve retained all those things that make you so very special.
    I am so happy to have you for a friend! {hugs}

  4. 10

    Mrs de Miranda says

    what do you mean poetry is not your thing?? That was great!! And meaningful and emotional! Poetry not your thing…crazy girl!

  5. 11

    Melissa says

    WOW!!! This is great!!! I wish I could be that creative…. I just end up going with the lists; my brain is to scattered to think write something this meaningful!!

  6. 14

    iheartbowheads.blogspot.com says

    Wow that was great – we will have to see what I can come up with – not sure I can



  7. 15

    Jennie says

    that was great and I LOVED the smarty pants part at the end telling us how you did it… I remenber learnignabout writing poetry in school and college, but it has gone all out the window since I had babies…

  8. 18

    Heather says

    Beautiful poem πŸ™‚ And you said poetry wasn’t your thing!
    Thanks for checking out my blog this morning! Comments are always appreciated!

  9. 20

    RenΓ©e aka Mekhismom says

    Thank you for sharing such intimate details of your life with us. Rather than echo what others have said I will just say – you are a talented writer. Claim it.

  10. 38

    Live.Love.Eat says

    I loved what Deb said in her comment, 2nd one down. I agree about the kind of lady you are and that this is a large piece of your soul indeed. I am honored you took a chance on me once too and shed a little more light on who you are or more so what made you who you are.

  11. 61

    Cecily R says

    For someone who isn’t totally comfortable with poetry, you sure wrote a beautiful piece. Really Angie, its very good.

  12. 69

    Migraine Mom says

    That is the best “I don’t write poetry” poem I have ever read. I agree…you are incredibly talented..keep writing!

  13. 70

    Kiki and Lele says

    For you, the same price as normally advertised… but one little favor…??? you could take a pic after you get it and post a link back to us… Pretty Please with cherries on top…

  14. 71

    jori-o says

    That was deep, sister! I had to read it a couple of times to let it sink in—just like with any really good poetry! Very nice.

  15. 74

    Stu Pidasso says

    That is an awesome poem. I like that you even gave the grammar/mechanics breakdown within the poem, but the content is even better. When an author can draw empathy out of the audience with mere words, the connection has been made. I can almost picture you working to keep it together as you draw this out of yourself. WAS it that hard to write?

  16. 75

    Stephanie says

    Brilliant! I imagine it was challenging sticking to the eight syllable per line part, and I love the type of poem you chose to write – the echoing line in your piece continues to speak as to where your life began.

    Talented indeed.

  17. 77

    Kiki and Lele says

    Wow, that was great… You are really good at poetry… I am not so great in that area… Haave a great weekend,

  18. 81

    Laura says

    I enjoy reading all your writing. For you to say poetry isn’t your thing is crazy. You scrolled out an amazing poem which was surely a window to your soul.

  19. 83

    Brenda says

    Beautiful Poem

    I found you on BATW. My friend is having twins soon. Maybe you could (or maybe you have) do a post on how friends can help new moms of twins. I would appreciate any tips!

  20. 86

    Mama Kat says

    And I was so proud of myself for figuring out the “style” before you named it.

    Angie this is unbelievable. I love love love love love it! So powerful, I re read it like five times to take it in. Beautiful. I love it! Great work mama.

  21. 92

    Jennifer says

    I am just getting to know all of you and this definitely helps. Beautiful work and from it i can tell I like you as a friend.

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