Writer’s Workshop-5 Favorite things

Here are the prompts:
1.) What was the first CD (or record or cassette) you ever purchased? Write about the way that particular album made you feel then. Write about how it makes you feel now. writersdigest.com
2.) You were recently laid off. Instead of moping around, you’ve viewed it as a chance to start fresh. Pick a new career and write about your first day on the job.writersdigest.com
3.) List your five most recent favorite things.
4.) I’m hungry. Share your very favorite recipe!!

And I chose:

What else? My five most recent favorite things.
I’ve had a cell phone for years. But for the past few, it hasn’t done me a whole lot of good. Where we lived in Oregon I didn’t get reception at home, and most areas I frequented had patchy service as well. Then we moved here, and I just couldn’t be bothered worrying about keeping it on my person, or even charged for that matter.

When Jeff bought me this phone for Christmas I was a bit skeptical. Did I really need a phone with a full keypad? Internet access and a pretty large display screen?

That would be heck yes. I use it constantly. I can check my email from my phone. I can text. I had never texted before. Ever. I can check the traffic. And movie times. I can find the cheapest gas prices and make restaurant reservations. I can *gasp*….go on-line.

Let’s just say it’s my new best friend. I think I need to name him/her. Any suggestions?

My Oreck vacuum has been my pal for a long time. But, since we’ve moved here it’s really been good to me. See, I’m a little OCD about stuff on my carpet. The carpet in this house is a dark, solid color. Every little fleck shows up. I vacuum a lot. Like more than once a day.

You know about my designer jean obsession. May I present to you Rock and Republics? I LOVE these jeans. They are the perfect date jeans. This is why: They have a lower rise so they aren’t the best for daytime kid wrangling. But, the low rise looks really great on, and they are perfect for a night on the town. So, if you are looking for a pair of jeans to make you look and feel sexy, go check Rock and Republics out.

Moving along. Mineral powder for the face. Somehow, I was late jumping on this bandwagon, but I’m Oh. SO. Glad. I finally did. No more foundation. Super easy application and it really does make one’s face look fresh!

Lastly, linen spray. I love this one from Bath and Body Works because it’s really subtle. It has just enough fragrance to smell great but not to give me a headache.
What are your favorite things? Wanna play?
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  1. 4

    Deb says

    you really had me going with all that silliness about not needing a phone with a full keyboard… what planet were you living on???

    love linen spray. i have some by my bed but i don’t use it often. thanks for the reminder.

  2. 5

    Ronda's Rants says

    Love them all…although I don’t know about the jeans…I have a big girl butt…those don’t look like big girl butt jeans!

  3. 13

    Wifey Dessert says

    okay crackberries (crackberri? lol) confuse the crap out of me. I have to on occasion do something to my bosses and it seems like so much trouble compared to mine!! but they all love them… maybe they just aren’t for me! that pillow mist looks so pretty 🙂 I have been wanting to try some of that so I might just have to pick some up 🙂

  4. 14

    Jenners says

    Hmmmmm…maybe I need a phone like that. Hints shall be dropped.

    And you may love your vacuum, but I love my steam mop. If you have hard wood floors, there is nothing better.

    And I think those jeans are awesome but I sincerely doubt they would make me look sexy. Maybe when I lose 30 pounds or so we’ll talk again!

    Great list!

  5. 15

    Michelle says

    Ok, first…Jay is just pretending to not know what Linen spray is!

    Secondly, I think you should name your phone Roxy.

  6. 16

    Laura says

    Fun stuff. Love all of it. I just got a new phone with a texting keyboard. Email me your cell and we can text when we need to 🙂 wink. I love texting. Alan has a “crackberry” and while he loves it sometimes I think its needs to be put down (lol).

    I want you to email me more about your face stuff. I need a change from my Mac stuff.

  7. 17

    Cecily R says

    I laughed at my full keyboard too when I first got it and never thought I’d use the internet…HA! I use it as much as my laptop if not more!!

    Great list!

  8. 18

    blueviolet says

    I bought that very linen spray for my daughter and she absolutely loves it!

    Do let us know what you decide to name your phone!

  9. 24

    Robin says

    I have a pair of Rock and Republics that uh… unfortunately do not fit at the moment. (Pesky five pounds!) They are a little low in the back but they’re comfy. Hopefully I’ll be back in them, at some point! 🙂
    Love your picks!

  10. 25

    Denise says

    Thanks, he is a preemie miracle baby! It was a hard start, but he is good today (well except for his cold.) Feel free to follow me! I love making new friends. I have followed you for a while, but I hadn’t commented!

  11. 26

    Cheryl Lage says

    Way behind on the minerals powder…I actually don’t do foundation, but sure should, so maybe this is a good alternative! 😉

    Those jeans ROCK!

  12. 29

    Heather says

    This is such a great list of your fav 5. I love my mineral powder too. It’s amazing how much it actually covers and corrects. 🙂

  13. 31

    Melissa says

    I wanna know about this minierals foundation that’s a powder you just brush on.
    Where do you get it from?
    I love my vacume as well. It’s one of my best friends. However mine is a dyson.
    Is that spray for YOU or for your house?

  14. 32

    Julie says

    Great list! I can only agree with you on two…love linen spray & mineral foundation. Don't get to enjoy any new jeans or a cool phone (flat broke). I know I have a vacuum…now where did I put it???

  15. 33

    .:Bree:. says

    you’ve never had text messaged? that’s insane.

    you should name the phone Wocket. From dr. suess. There’s a wocket in my pocket….

    Anyways! lol Have fun

  16. 37

    Sera says

    I love your list! I may have to check out that linen spray. And there’s nothing like a good pair of jeans that fit just right.

  17. 38

    Jaime says

    K…I have none of these things!

    But my new touch is pretty cool. You like the mineral makeup? I have yet to try that. And I am really wanting a new vacuum. Mine is a bagless and loses suction once or twice per room I vacuum. I am constantly cleaning it out!! So annoying! Probably more info than you needed to know, eh?

  18. 39

    Lula! says

    I love allllll these things. Except my cell is not that fancy. But hey–I text all the dang time. So text me, text me! Seriously.

    p.s. The rental we lived in while our house was being built had shag carpeting–blood red, orange, and olive green. Kid you not. The Oreck peeps told us not to use the high setting on shag. But I did. The thing still works. I love Oreck. Amen.

    p.p.s. An Oreck would be a good defense tool should we ever need it…or there’s always the fountain. Bwahahahahaha!

  19. 40

    Ms Cupcake says

    I love my Blackberry!

    Hi! Dropping by from sits. A friendly welcome from a fellow blogger. I’m sponsoring a Valentine’s Day giveaway at my blog, in case you’re interested.

    Zen Cupcake Blog

  20. 41

    Kacey R. says

    Love, love, love all of your fave things! I love my mineral make-up too and I’m going to have to try the linen spray. Nice!

    And girl, you know I’m jealous of those sassy jeans! FABULOUS!

  21. 46

    The Pink Potpourri says

    oh i have so many favorite things…my cell phone, fresh sheets, my blanket from restoration hardware and my honey vanilla shower gel 🙂

    ps…don’t forget its free giveaway friday! i’m giving away a cute purse today 🙂

  22. 48

    Carrie says

    I find your obession with jeans really funny. I’m obsessed with peanut butter. I love the mineral make up…it is the best!

  23. 52

    Clark Captions says

    My two favorite things are: My running shoes…Are you surprised? And my jacuzzi tub.
    I’ll have to think some more and see I can come up with anything else!

  24. 55


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