Working my way down my bucket list…

I can officially check one item off my bucket list.  You know, that bucket list that I’ve never actually made, but have meant to.

I had my eyebrows threaded, and by threaded I am referring  the Indian technique whereby stray hairs are ripped out by their follicles with string.

Pretty amazing stuff.  It’s crazy that a piece of string and a few tugs can produce such precise results.

I had heard it’s uncomfortable, and it is, but totally worth the $10 it cost for great looking eyebrows in 5 minutes.

Check.  Only like 99 items left to mark off my bucket list.

I know.  I know.

I’m so close.  🙂

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    So on my list as well! Then again, I can’t even tell you the last time I had mine professionally shaped.

    Maybe I’ll start a “when the kids go back to school” list. Less intimidating, you know? Start small.

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    The only place we have locally that does this (that I know about) is the mall, and I’m not going to sit in the middle of the mall and have strangers watch me get my eyebrows done. Too weird.

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    is it more painful than waxing? cause I do that all the time cause I have some crazy eyebrows that require professional help on a regular basis. Now if you are in the mood for something fun, go for a bikini wax actually get it french, it leaves more than a brazillian. oh it’s loads of fun 😉

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      Angie says

      Yes. It is way more uncomfortable than waxing, but it’s not like it HURTS. I cringe thinking of the bikini area.

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    I’d love to try that out. Always looks so intriguing. Might just be something to add to my list if I ever get around to making it. Haha.

  5. 14


    My bucket list does not include that – sounds painful. :S
    But it does include:
    learning to sew by hand & machine
    learning to play the piano
    learning to swim

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      Angie says

      I love that you want to learn to swim, sew and play the piano. I want to learn to alter clothing and I’d love to play the piano too!

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    Do you think it is better than waxing? I have wanted to try but the lady who waxes my brows does such a great job it is worth the $15 every 6 weeks or so I go.

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      Angie says

      Waxing is more relaxing for sure……..threading is less expensive and quicker and did a better job than waxing, in my opinion.

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    Thanks for posting about this – I have seen it done but always wondered if it was any good. Given the fact that last time I got my eyebrows waxed I was left with burn marks in the exact same spot above each eye where one strip each side went inexplicably wrong I definitely am going to give this a try!

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    I only do threading because waxing is so rough on my sensitive skin. I have to say that it really can hurt (they are ripping your hairs out one by one!) but it’s so much more precise than waxing. So it usually looks pretty good. 🙂

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    I love that Bucket List goal! I am going to steal it, I’ve always wanted to have that done since waxing always burns my skin.

    I have an absolutely huge Bucket List, I can’t wait to see what else is on yours!

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    OMG — I have ALWAYS secretly wanted to do this . . but the thought of everyone standing around and watching (I only see this happening at the mall) is enough to deter me.

  11. 32


    Nice! Been wanting to try this, but the only places I’ve seen that do it are the ones sitting in the middle of the mall hallway at one of those carts. No way can I have a cosmetic procedure done with the entire mall as my witness. I’ll have to find a place to do it that is a little more intimate and give it a try. I’m like a friggin’ genie with my thick eyebrows so not sure if it’ll work. G

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    I’m so curious about this!! My brother actually watched a show on it and is claiming he now knows what to do, and that I should let him thread mine…. HA!! I’ll pay the $10 to guarantee my safety… and looks 😉

  13. 34


    My eyebrows, though they are cringing in imaginary pain, are just the teeniest bit jealous. They haven’t been groomed in … well … I best not say.

  14. 36


    I’ve never heard of this technique. I’ve actually never done anything with my eyebrows but I’m lucky they aren’t too thick that I need to. Okay they could maybe use a LITTLE work but they aren’t bad and I can’t be bothered haha.

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