Wordful Wednesday-tropical flowers and wildlife

I LOVE tropical flowers. One of my favorite parts of our vacation was being surrounded by lush tropical foliage…….and as a bonus……..wild animals.

There was a pair of baby ostriches that wandered free on the grounds…..3 caged tigers and a bunch of large parrots.

The kids LOVED it. I could have done without the smell. But that’s just me.


  1. 1

    Momisodes says

    Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous!
    I’ve never seen baby ostrich before.

    Looks like it was a wonderful time 🙂

  2. 3

    Live.Love.Eat says

    So very cool. I am a total sucker for baby wildlife anything!!!!! Is that you in that bottom pic? even when I click on it it’s a bit small. But it looks adorable! Off to bed now…..

  3. 4

    Kacey R. says

    Free & wild wandering animals? Not for me. The flowers? I'll take that though! LOL Can't wait to hear more juicy details!

  4. 6

    Halftime Lessons says

    Beautiful, sweetie…bet it was an amazing time. Cant wait for a flood of photos…I hope!


  5. 8

    Natalie says

    wow! those are really pretty flowers and great pictures! and i’m with you… i can usually do without the smells.

  6. 9

    BoufMom9 says

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL flowers! Just gorgeous! I love flowers too and am loving the spring FINALLY being here 🙂

    Happy WW!

  7. 10

    T Rex Mom says

    Great photos – looks like just an amazing vacation! The flowers must not have smelled strong enough to cancel out the animals!

  8. 11

    Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane says

    Beautiful colorful foliage…and interesting combination of animals…where do ostriches and tigers live together? Hmmm…

  9. 12

    Life with Kaishon says

    Kaishon would have been in HEAVEN! He just loves animals. Baby Tigers? That would have made him SO happy! I am glad you had such a wonderful time!

  10. 16

    NateAndJakesMom says

    On a blustery winter-like day here I am lovin’ those pictures. Not fair but lovin’ in nonetheless!

  11. 19

    Jen says

    I’m new to your Wordful Wednesday, but I’ve seen it on other people’s blogs so I thought I’d play along.

    Pretty flowers!!

  12. 24

    Ritch in Love says

    I hear ya on the smell thing. But isn’t amazing to see such young wild animals wandering free amongst humans? Those flowers are beautiful! I am imagining the fragrance now!

  13. 28

    Jen says

    Wow, that is pretty darn cool. Beautiful photos.

    I am over here at 2:30AM my time b/c one of the babies woke up. I was thinking that I would be in the top ten on the list but I guess there are a bunch of night owls out there. Oh Well. 🙂

  14. 33

    Hootin' Anni says

    My W W this week is also ‘wildlife’ in form of backyard viewing. I too love the hibiscus flowers!!!!

    My W W is posted if you’d like to join me. But, the photos aren’t of the best quality today…I had to photograph them through the dining room window this time!!

  15. 37

    Renée aka Mekhismom says

    Beautiful flowers. I am trying to guess where you went. Hmm, still can’t figure it out. I am waiting for answers.

  16. 41

    Amy says

    I love flowers.Is that a program you use to put your pictures up like that? I am going to do a post later on today that explains the whole Round Robin event. I hope you can come. Have a great day. Your flowers made me think Spring is really coming.

  17. 44

    Elle says

    I won’t deny it. I’m a little jealous. I woke up to snow again this morning and am jonesing for some sunshine and flowers.

  18. 46

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    I absolutely love tropical flowers! And baby ostriches would be cool to see – sans the smell, though! 😉

  19. 51

    Nina says

    I love flowers like that. They are just so pretty to have around. I do not have a green thumb and I envy everyone who does.

  20. 52

    mommaof4wife2r says

    since we’re in indiana, there’s not too many pretty flowers that are tropical…but this week in florida, has been full of great flowers! i love them too!

  21. 55

    Eudae-Mamia says

    Wandering wild animals freak me out – not in a shoot them kind of way, but in a let someone else enjoy it kind of way.

    You’re a brave mama.

    And the smells. Yeah.

    Adore the flowers though! Bet those smelled a lot better 🙂

  22. 56

    Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor says

    I love the flowers. It reminds me of the USVI , the island of St. John. We honeymooned there and have been back 8 times since. Such beauty.

  23. 58

    Kristin says

    I miss the flowers in Hawaii. The ones you can just pick and sew into a Lei. CA has some nice flowers too. We have tulips. And snow. Still waiting for spring…

  24. 69

    MommyAmy says

    I love tropical flowers too! Whenever I visit my inlaws in CA I’m always jealous of some of the stuff in their yards. 🙂

  25. 71

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    I had to click on the picture to REALLY enjoy those flowers…

    Really you don’t love tiger poop smell?

    Okay so do ‘we’ all know where you went yet??

    Was it Tijuana?

    I linked to my home page, but have to scroll down for the favion tute.. sorry!

  26. 73

    Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom says

    Fabulous! I love tropical flowers and lush vegetation too, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  27. 74

    ChefDruck says

    Beautiful pictures. I can almost smell the flowers. I hope you’ll share more pics of your trip with us!

  28. 77

    sassy stephanie says

    Makes me wish I had a REALLY good camera. I would love to play around with it and take pics of flowers, leaves, etc. So pretty.

  29. 78

    Mark and Kiss says

    Vibrant colors! Beautiful flowers. Sounds like a really neat place. How fun to have the exotic animals, the tigers would have scared me, lol.

  30. 81

    Stephanie says

    Beautiful. The flowers remind me of where we go in Mexico, too….and the housekeepers make us fresh arrangements daily…ahhhh….the life 🙂 We (my husband) have parrots in our basement…this really is the zoo! SQUAWK

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