Wordful Wednesday-The Twins Birthday Crowns

I’ve searched high, and I’ve searched low, and I just can’t find the picture I was looking for.

It looked  something like this:

But different.

It was me when I turned 5 and got a birthday crown at school, too.

I was almost as cute.




  1. 7

    JoeyfromSC says

    so cute! hope you find your pic! The only crown I ever got was when I was 12 and I was named Honor/Friendliest camper lol-I got a trophy too haha

    Hope the twins’ bday was fantastic!

  2. 11


    My birthday is in July and I was always a bit envious of the kids who got things for their birthday during the school year…lol.

    Your boys look cute…keep looking for the picture of you!

  3. 16


    Yep, I’m my biggest opnepont and my loudest cheerleader, depending on the day.Good words, Jen recognizing this phenomenon is a step on the journey, and we all struggle with these things.Love that umbrella-looking shot, looking up at you. It captures the little girl in you.Sweet!

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