Wordful Wednesday ~ The Tooth Fairy’s New Policy

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It’s officially official.  My babies are growing up.  I’ve known this for a long time.  I’ve said this over and over.  But now, my baby- baby (you know, if we are going to get technical and all….he WAS born one minute after his twin brother) has lost his first baby tooth.   There’s nothing like children getting their permanent teeth to remind one that the baby years are long gone.  {{sigh}}

I’ve been reminded.

This morning John was thrilled and I do mean thrilled when he found a stash of cash under his pillow from the tooth fairy.  He excitedly told everyone in the house that the tooth fairy visited during the night and left him some money.  All of the kids just happened to be in his room when he was sharing the good news and I couldn’t help myself.   I felt compelled to tell them the the latest news:

I heard recently that the tooth fairy has started taking money away from children when they lose teeth with fillings or cavities in them.

Instantly the twins said in unison, “mom, is that true or is that just a rumor?”

I replied, “well, I don’t know.  It could be a rumor.  I haven’t verified it”.

Later on as I was getting ready for the day Jacob came into my bathroom and said, “mom, do you think the tooth fairy has changed her policy because she’s gotten poor or because she’s gotten mean?”

I had to tell him that I made that “rumor” up.  I have a feeling he’ll sleep better tonight.  I really think he was thinking, and by thinking I mean worrying  about exactly HOW MUCH money the tooth fairy took for teeth with fillings/cavities.  I love a good prank but I couldn’t let him worry about it all day at school.

This mama prayed for her babies to grow up quicker and now this mama wishes like mad that she could turn back time.  What about you?

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