Wordful Wednesday – The Pinewood Derby

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Child #3 just joined Cub Scouts.  His very first meeting was The Pinewood Derby, which is a pretty big deal in the Cub Scouting world.  It’s a good thing he has a dad that went through the Scouting program and knew what to expect and what to do.

They had exactly ONE day to carve, mount and paint Garrett’s car.

And I had exactly one day to buy his his cub scout shirt and  iron on the requisite patches.

The race was pretty fun.  We were convinced Garrett’s car would smoke the competition, but it um.  only smoked a few.

It did win a ribbon for most sleek car, though.  Next year we are going for fastest car.  🙂

Have any of your boys won The Pinewood Derby?  If so, what is the secret?  

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    My son did it maybe 4 times, and I don’t think he medaled in any of them, but then I didn’t expect he would. We didn’t have any power tools. We used one of those little Dremel things. I actually dreaded those races every year!

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    Actually my son has won a pinewood derby. This is our last year for doing this. My son has designed all of his cars and I have clue on the secret. its more of a father son bonding experience.

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    Great pictures, Angie! It looks like a lot of fun! And I don’t think I would have gotten the badges ironed on in that amount of time…I have to admit, I don’t even know where my iron is 😉

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    How awesome. I miss the scouts! My 4 oldest boys were in and all 4 of them won every Pinewood Derby 🙂
    The key is where the weight is distributed. My sons used to attach quarters to the front tops of their cars (but you have to watch the total weight as there is a maximum allowed)

    It really is a great experience. And my husband and I both used to love watching our boys come up with the designs and then making it happen.

  5. 9

    kristin says

    No fast cars in this family. My brothers always went for ‘best paint job’. Luke’s car was dead last his 3rd year. So sad. He was a good sport about it though.

    You only had ONE day? Why? That is not the norm I think…

  6. 12

    Anjie B. says

    Nice car! My son’s first foray into Cub Scouts was the Pinewood Derby too. He won 4th overall and had the fastest time in his first heat. *Beaming Mom*
    I think the trick to winning is to use the graphite lubricant in between each heat (if allowed) to keep the wheels-a-turnin’!

  7. 17


    How cool is that car?! Look at how proud your son is of it and his ribbon. How cute!

    I love how the Boy Scout have pinewood derbies. I wish the Girl Scouts did cool stuff like that instead of feeding an obsession about selling cookies.

  8. 18


    That competition is no joke. I was actually surprised how intense and serious it is.
    All three of my nephews took place in them over the years. It was super fun to watch.

  9. 22


    I love his car!

    My son joined Cub Scouts this year and we just did the Pinewood Derby a few weeks ago. He came in second and will be going to the finals in a few weeks. I have no tips for the car because all I did was paint it. My husband did all the carving and weights.

    Badge tip – Boy Scouts make this wonderful stuff called Badge Magic. It’s like super sticky double-sided tape. So much easier than trying to iron on those patches.

  10. 26


    That is a very cool car! My boys always love the pinewood derby, but they never win either. I think the fun of it is in making their car. We have also done boats. That was fun too!

  11. 27


    Your son’s car looks fantastic!

    This is my son’s first year is cub scouts, too. Unfortunately, his Pinewood Derby race in in February on the same weekend we will be away. He is still going to make a car, though!

  12. 29


    Cute cub scout you’ve got there and nice looking car! Noah can’t wait to join Cub Scouts next year solely because of the Pinewood Derby. As for those iron-on patches – I was just doing that last night with Abby’s Brownie vest. Thank goodness for iron-on ’cause this mama doesn’t sew.

  13. 31


    Our Pinewood Derby is in February. It’s always such a fun day! The first car my son ever raced came in dead last. We’ve gotten a whole lot better since then!

  14. 34


    I remember my nephew winning his race years back. I’ll ask my brother what they did and will definitely let you know!

    Still, most sleek is an awesome award too 😉


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