Wordful Wednesday – The Pinewood Derby

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Child #3 just joined Cub Scouts.  His very first meeting was The Pinewood Derby, which is a pretty big deal in the Cub Scouting world.  It’s a good thing he has a dad that went through the Scouting program and knew what to expect and what to do.

They had exactly ONE day to carve, mount and paint Garrett’s car.

And I had exactly one day to buy his his cub scout shirt and  iron on the requisite patches.

The race was pretty fun.  We were convinced Garrett’s car would smoke the competition, but it um.  only smoked a few.

It did win a ribbon for most sleek car, though.  Next year we are going for fastest car.  :)

Have any of your boys won The Pinewood Derby?  If so, what is the secret?  

Have you been over to visit my co-host Amanda at Parenting by Dummies yet?

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