Wordful Wednesday-The One in Which Fran wants to be Reinvented

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Today it’s Fran, one half of the duo behind Mayhem & Moxie being Wordful, and that makes me very happy.  Now.  You should know that she is the most amazing spreadsheet preparer I’ve ever met, and if you are anything like me, you’ll know that is quite a talent.  She has her MBA in something important.  She’s smart, she’s funny, and I’m lucky enough to call her my friend.

Please welcome:

I think I am in need of a change.  Come July, I’ll be celebrating my two year blog anniversary.  That’s a mighty long time in blogland, especially since time is essentially measured in dog years.  (In my case, this means I’m super ancient.  After all, 2 calendar years x 7 dog years = 14.)

In order to prevent utter boredom, it is high time that I shake things up a bit.

I thought my guest post on Seven Clown Circus would be the perfect opportunity to get feedback from the masses on how to move forward.

My goal is to reinvent myself, like many of the best celebrities do.  I’m thinking along the lines of Madonna, P. Diddy, and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince…except I don’t need a symbol.  I need a name.

If I could magically turn back time, I would do things differently.  Our blog shtick currently goes something like this:

Hi, my name is Francesca and I blog with my long-time friend, Kacey at Mayhem & Moxie.  Our site proves that perfection and motherhood simply cannot co-exist.

It’s cute, maybe even quasi-memorable, but it doesn’t scream, “Hey, hey you over there.  Look at me!  I’m a superstar!” Doing something as mundane as using my real name is fine, but I’m missing that added flair, that bit of pizzazz.  Wouldn’t it be great to be remembered as the Pioneer Woman, Design Mom, or even Cool Mom?

Figuring out the right on-line name and identity is like giving yourself the sparkly bling that makes you unforgettable.

I’ve come up with a few names that I’d like to share.  Before doing so, I think it’s best to provide some necessary background info.  After all, if we are going to work together to figure out the best possible option, you should really understand a little about me.

I’m a stay-at-home mom to two toddler children, ages 2 and 4, and am currently pregnant with my third.  On the outside, I look like your typical suburban mom.  I am a big fan of the yoga pant uniform, wear make-up only on “special occasions”, and am adamant about using my oversized sunglasses to hide the large circles under my eyes that seem to have taken up permanent residence.

For all the “visual’ readers out there, here is what my typical day looks like:

Crazy Comes Easy By the End of the Day

Early mornings are always my best time of day with my kids.  Maybe it is because they are not quite awake yet, but I am pretty much the epitome of Mary effing Poppins.  Calm, cool, and collected, me and my bottomless carpet bag of tricks are practically unstoppable.

From about noon through the early afternoon, I tend to fall off the wagon a bit.  My kids can become challenging.  At those times, I practice what I call “silent screaming.”  It’s how I maintain some outer semblance of sanity, while on the inside I really feel like this:

By late afternoon/early evening, our house moves into a state of full blown crazy.  Tired from the day’s events and in need of food, baths, and a bed, we all go into survival mode.  My kids want to watch TV?  Sure.  How about jump on the couch and run around the house like a banshees?  No problem.  My only rule is that no one drinks any of Mama’s special grape drink.  It’s just for her.

So that is me and my day.

Now, help me to choose a name that best epitomizes my “essence.”

To get you started, I came up with a few ideas…

Haywood Jashootmee (Hey Would You Just Shoot Me?) Mom
A Few Beans Short of a Chalupa Mami
Iona a Car and I am not Afraid to Runaway Mommy
Luke Warm Mama
Al Kaholic Woman
Anita Bath and My Own Damn Blanket Mum
Helena Hanbaskett (Hell In A Hand Basket) Mom

Let’s get down to business.  What’cha got for me?

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