Wordful Wednesday – The Norton Simon Museum (& Their Naked People)

Jeff and I took the kids to the Norton Simon Museum on New Year’s Eve.  LOVE that museum.  It’s relatively close to my house, it’s in a fun area of Pasadena,  and kids are free. It’s one place that we can go as a family and pay the same price as if Jeff and I were on a “date”.  Going on New Year’s Eve was really fun, too because we got to see all the preparations for the Rose Parade, but without all the people.  (The Norton Simon Museum is that building that’s always shown on TV during the parade with a big rose on the face of the building. (The museum is right on Colorado Blvd and directly across from the KLTA cameras.)

Anyway, this was the first time we’ve taken the kids to the museum when they’ve taken cameras of their own, and I was DYING.  DYING.  We went straight outside to the sculpture garden when we arrived and I’ve never seen such avid photographers (with the exception of Emma. I think she might have been appalled).  Click, click, click went those cameras.  Click, click, click some more.

For some reason all of the photos were of a common theme.   Naked People.

When we headed inside I captured this:

Look closely.

Yep, that’s Jacob taking pictures of naked ladies.

And the girls wondering if they were seeing half naked breasts. And taking a picture, just in case.

Those avid photographers weren’t nearly as excited about taking pictures when we got to areas with portraits of clothed people.

See that confused look on Emma’s face?  I think she’s thinking, “another semi exposed breast?

Are your kids drawn to naked sculptures and paintings at museums, too?

Have you been over to visit my co-host Amanda at Parenting by Dummies yet?


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    Ha! Did you know that I have been a museum docent now for 20 years? (YOWZA I am old!) Our twins have been on tours and in the museum since they were in utero…and now, now that they are ten, suddenly, the booties and boobies are FAR more entertaining! (Heck, I find ’em entertaining! 😉 )

    Looks like your crew had a GREAT time. 🙂

  2. 33


    How fun is that? I mean the museum, not all the boobies. lol I kid.

    It’s always an interesting conversation when you try to explain to kids why artists painted half naked women.

  3. 40


    Yep my three big kids are WAY too into potty talk and the like to make it through a trip to the norton simon without peeing my pants. Maybe when they are a bit older. So cute!

  4. 43


    I love giving kids cameras. It’s like seeing the experience through their eyes! Also, I totally get their fascination with naked people pictures. They are probably thinking, “Whoa! I can’t believe I’m seeing naked people in public. And my parents are letting me take pictures of them! Cool!”

  5. 44

    kristin says

    LOL. Can’t blame them, it is a bit shocking… 😉

    And in order to answer your question, we’d actually have to take the kids to a museum. Give me a few more years to gather my courage…


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