Wordful Wednesday-{The FIRST one in which I am not the hostess}

How crazy is this?

Participating in the meme that used to be mine, but is no longer. You know, because I lovingly gave it away.  To Amanda, the hostess with the most-est.

parenting BY dummies

This week I’d like to pay tribute to my budding photographer/continuously sly rule breaker by showing you a sample of his handy work.

Now, I call him sly because I did not know he had his paws on my camera until I downloaded a new batch of photos and found this:

And almost died laughing. I mean, WHAT was he wearing? And why didn’t I notice that he had such a get-up going at the time?

I love that this picture captures his quirky little personality so well.

And, secret’s out.  I don’t always make my bed.


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    Candice says

    That totally cracks me up…why do they always try to take a picture of themselves…do they not think we will see them. I always know when its jordan because I have a picture of the toilet bowl (luckily it had been flushed).

  2. 4


    I bet it is weird not having 100s of links on your blog today. But maybe good though. I would feel obligated to visit them all … and that is pressure.

    And I won’t tell about the bed not being made … I don’t always make mine either!

  3. 6


    Such a silly kid!

    I have been letting Jake take pictures with my camera and I always find the most interesting photos when he is done.

  4. 10


    Finally something! Something that makes you seem NOT perfect. Although still probably better than me, because while you say you don’t ALWAYS make your bed, I say I don’t EVER make my bed. Seriously, what’s the point? I spend all day trying to find a way to crawl back into it. I’d like it to be ready for me when I arrive:). Thanks for participating. It makes the whole thing better:)

  5. 21


    I am still processing the fact that you have so many followers for this meme and then you graciously handed it off. Angie, you’re amazing! 🙂

  6. 22


    Geez. I have been so out of it I didn’t know you weren’t hosting anymore….

    How funny when we “capture” moments like this. I have found quite a few similar shots on my cameras. Too funny.

  7. 23

    Kirsten says

    Love it! Superhero, boots and all, too cool! I think that is one of my favorite part of raising little boys. Even Eliza likes to put on superman stuff, very funny.

  8. 26


    Hahaha. I love it. So cute!! If you ca,e a took a picture of my room every day for a year, my bed would be made 20 times max LOL When my cleaning lady does it once a month and if we have a party where ppl may be seeing my room. I hate making my bed, such a bad habit that I feel bad passing on to my girls 🙂

  9. 27


    Is it awful of me that I noticed the bed before I noticed the kid in the mirror? It is only because I was thinking “thank god, someone else doesn’t make their bed either!”

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