Wordful Wednesday-{The Dog is Still Alive. Surprisingly}

“I’m glad Bisco is still alive!”

Famous last words at our house.  And frankly, I’m a bit surprised he’s still alive too.  It’s harder than it looks to keep a puppy safe and out of harms way.  I’ve had pretty good luck with my kids not having any near misses on death (after their infancies, that is), but not so much with the dog.

He got out when we were gone for an extended period of time a few months ago, without tags, I might add.  Those tags wouldn’t have helped him though if he had gotten run over by a car or eaten by a coyote which is what we thought might have happened to him.  But it didn’t, and we were grateful.

Then, last night he got into a bag of dark chocolate covered Moose Munch.  By the time the kids told us that he had eaten some of it, it had been 30 minutes since he’d ingested it so there was no point making him vomit.  We had a fun hour trying to figure out how much he had eaten and converting to see if he’d eaten a dose large enough to warrant a vet visit…..(The chemical Theobromine found in chocolate is toxic to dogs nervous and cardiovascular system).  We figured he hadn’t, and saved ourselves a trip, but thank goodness Jeff did the converting and figuring, not me. Had I been in charge he “might or might not” have taken a lethal dose.  I just can’t do complicated conversions when I’m stressed out.  Or at all.

So, the crisis wasn’t really a crisis like we feared, but still.  It could have been.  And truly, “I’m glad Bisco is still alive”, too.  I don’t know how I’d manage the guilt of knowing I couldn’t have a dog for 6 months without killing it.  Plus, I’d miss him.  He’s a sweet little thing, even if he has his quirks.  Like this one of sleeping on his back:


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    Oh I’m glad he’s okay!! Gosh, I don’t think I’d even know how to figure out how much chocolate is too much for a dog – google, I guess? LOL

  2. 7


    I, too, am glad he is still alive. He is just too cute. Plus, I’m sure the kids adore him and his cuteness. He also looks really soft and cuddly, especially when sleeping on his back.

  3. 8


    LOL. You can’t do complicated conversions? Good thing Jeff has to do that for a living! I had no idea chocolate was toxic to dogs. I think we fed it to our dog all the time… maybe that’s why he… wait… that couldn’t be it… DON”T TELL MY DAD!!!!

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    Oh, gosh….we have had the chocolate thing happen with our dog more than once, so I feel your pain! Glad he is ok!

    PS My 10 month old son goes into surgery on Friday for his cleft palate repair. I hope you will keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

  5. 12


    That is one cute dog… and I love to hear how your family loves him so!
    I’m often ready to get rid of ours… thanks for reminding me that we still do love her– even if only because she makes Jackson laugh 😉

  6. 13

    janice's footsteps says

    Glad to here it work out our dogs our family & we go thru the emotions as if they were our children so hang in there I am sure there will be more : ))

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    He’s an adorable pooch! I know all about the chocolate toxin with dogs. My grandma used to feed her dog special dog “chocolate” stars. I won’t go on to tell you I did eat one of those dog stars once, not knowing they were really dog treats…oh, wait, I just did! They were awful, but safe for Mandy & she loved them.

    I’m glad he’s still alive, too!

  8. 23


    He’s a cutey pie — why do dogs always eat things that are dangerous??

    Our Weim ate a big ole thing of fishing line, out of someone’s garbage, because it had chicken bones mixed in it! What the heck? Yup …. he could have died.

    Thank goodness for doggie guardian angels!

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    Glad he’s okay, I don’t know how you do it. I have decided that there is no way we can handle a dog with all of these kids, they escape from the house enough on their own!

  10. 25


    What a cutie! Just think, it could be worse…our 65 lb. that the kids proudly brag is a Mutt Breed to our neighbors…chases rabbits in her sleep and whines at me when I am on the phone like a child.

  11. 28


    Awww…poor little guy. I know what you’re saying. I won’t even eat grapes or raisins in my house because I’m afraid that my Muppet will get a hold of them. That dog eats everything that he can including Kleenex and Q-tips. It’s gotten worse since my daughter was born and he’s always down on her level…trying to steal her food (succeeding most of the time). We’ve never had any trouble with him running away. I live one block from my mom’s house and if he ever gets loose…he runs straight there!
    I’m so glad that your dog is okay, he looks like a real sweetie 🙂

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    He is a dolly. I can understand why you guys would be amazed he is still alive. Bless his heart.
    I stumbled on your hope from Do Sweat The Small Stuff.

  13. 33


    puppies do all sorts of crazy things, but they are wired for survival. When my dog was a pup he chewed through an electrical cord that was plugged in and shocked himself silly…he lived!
    p.s. What is Moose Munch?

  14. 78


    I’m glad he is doing good!! My pup did that once…she threw up like crazy all over the place, including me and my school books!

    PS: such a cutie!! and oh so fluffy!

  15. 82


    When I was a kid my dog ate an entire bag of Halloween candy wrappers and all. And my mom didn’t know for days, if you know what I mean. Glad your little guy is ok.

  16. 83


    Aww, Bisco is so cute! Is he a Portuguese Water Dog like the Obamas have? Glad he didn’t get sick from the Moose Munch, although it’s hard to blame him for eating it since it’s so darn good 🙂 Happy WW!

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    Haha! I said the very same thing about my rotten dog the other day (after a fun-filled afternoon of trying to eat bees… the dog. not me). The Mister quickly responded, “But why?”.

  18. 88


    Haha! I said the very same thing about my rotten dog the other day (after a fun-filled afternoon of trying to eat bees… the dog. not me). The Mister quickly responded, “But why?”.


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