Wordful Wednesday – The Christmas That Kicked My Butt {2011}

Christmas kicked my butt this year.  For the first time ever, I had most of my gift buying and wrapping done by the beginning of the month, BUT, I got sick on the eve of Christmas Eve and so I just dragged when I needed lots of energy.  I was short with my kids and Jeff.  I yelled at Jeff for Jacob throwing up throughout three rooms of the house, and I sent John to his room when he spilled a cup of hot chocolate all over the counter and my clean silverware.

I just hope that all the gifts that my kids received off-set their memories of their short tempered mama.  I do not want to hear in 10 years  that Emma’s most memorable Christmas was the one where she lost her iPod touch and mom yelled at her throughout the 4 hours they searched and failed to find it.

I can hope, right?

This is one of my funnest presents.  It’s called a “book book” and my handy dandy MacBook Air is inside.  Such a fabulous gift for a book loving computer junkie, right?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with smiling faces!

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    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been sick… Hope you feel better soon in time for New Year’s Eve 😉

    THAT was an AWESOME Christmas present! Likey!

  2. 4


    Oh I hope you are feeling better, I had that kind of Christmas last year!
    And I am sure the kids will not remember anything other than it was a great Christmas!

  3. 5


    Oh man. Being sick on Christmas sucks. And don’t worry…even if your kids do remember Mommy yelling about the lost iPod, hopefully they’ll have learned a bit about taking care of their really special things. A Mama can hope, right?

    That Book Book is amazing BTW…Merry Christmas!

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    The thing about loving your kids day in and day out? It builds up your credit, and gives everyone a store of love and support and good feelings to fall back on even when it all seems to have gone to pieces. An apology, recognition that sometimes moms don’t feel well and aren’t perfect either and it all falls back into place, just as it should.

    Hang in there, and feel better soon!


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    I’m sure years from now the kids will remember the joy of this Christmas…and after listening to my grown children’s shared memories, they will even remember the not so good with a lot of laughter like my kids remembered mom’s eye getting all twitchy that one Christmas…
    LOVE the “book-book”!

  6. 30


    I hope you are feeling better…and yeah, they’ll forget. And, if they remind you about it, just tell them you wanted to teach them a lesson about mom being human, too!

  7. 31


    You are the FOURTH person to say their child lost the iPod Touch. Ugh Are they too thin? We got one for our oldest as well and I’m sure I yelled about it being left on the counter above the trash (the toddler is enjoying trashing things that don’t belong in the trash). Hopefully she won’t remember it, just like I hope your daughter takes away the good, not the yelling. But in your defense, you were succumbing to the sickness, so cut yourself some slack.

  8. 33


    Being sick on Christmas is not fair! I was sick that week too, but luckily got over it before Christmas…. plus we were visiting family, so I had other people to entertain my kids!

    I am sure your kids will remember the good. After all, Christmas is magical.

  9. 35

    kristin says

    Sorry you felt crappy. The holidays are stressful enough w/o being sick on top of it all. I have no good excuse for my yelling…

  10. 37


    What would Christmas be like without a little bit of yelling at kids? Don’t worry, I eye-rolled, yelled, complained and was mad at my son more times than I can count – and I wasn’t sick! My only defense is that my son goes bonkers when he’s around my family – especially when he’s eating a special “I’m at my grandma’s house for Christmas” diet of cookies, candy and staying awake hours past his bedtime – oh and no naps – Are we talking a well behaved child or what? 😉

  11. 40

    Tiffany says

    I hope you guys had a great Christmas. Your kids seemed to be super happy, even if you were not so happy. Have a great New Year.

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