Wordful Wednesday-the beach in Nuevo Vallarta

The beach in Nuevo Vallarta reminded me a ton of the beaches here in Southern CA. I guess it’s not all that surprising since they are both the Pacific Ocean. The sand IS a bit different though. It looks like it has gold flecks in it.

(you might have to double click the picture to see the gold in the sand)
My kids LOVED playing at the beach.

Boogie Boarding was a HUGE hit.
It might be worth mentioning here that Jeff got a NASTY case of boogie board rash. On second thought, might not be worth mentioning, but this piece of advice is: If you are going to boogie board in Mexico, do yourself a favor and wear a shirt. Please.
The kids didn’t know that I was behind them snapping pictures. I love that they were all together (well, all but Grace who was reading under a palapa) feeling the sea mist on their bodies. Definitely the stuff memories are made of!


  1. 7

    Laura says

    I am loving seeing your vacation. We only spent an afternoon there so we didn’t see much 🙂 I still need to blog about Cabo (I just think my readers were tired of my pictures).

  2. 10

    Keri says

    Such wonderful memories to cherish! I’m so loving your photos, especially the last. Also wishing we had some of that warmth and sunshine here. Glad you had a wonderful vacation with your adorable family!

  3. 11

    Casey's trio says

    What great pictures! And I love that Grace was busy reading on her vacation. She is my kind of girl!!

  4. 12

    Carebear says

    Oh, these are great photos. I LOVE the one of most of the kids together on the beach when you’re behind them. Such a special moment captured! My wordful is not quite so sweet this week, but it includes A GIVEAWAY!!!

  5. 15

    Sneaky Momma says

    Looks like you guys had a blast! I love that photo of the kids’ backs as they look at the ocean. Way too cool! 🙂

  6. 16

    Michelle says

    Looked like a lot of fun. Boogie boarding for any length of time always requires a rash guard. My girls never go to the beach without one.

    Hey, we have Gold flecks down here too. I think it is from the Granite sediment that follows down to the beach.

    Trying to drag out some seriously old college information right now. 🙂

  7. 17

    scrappysue says

    ok – mine’s finally up! come laugh at my expense!

    interesting, you have 20 players already, but only 7 commenters.

    street’s 2 way people lol

  8. 19

    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says

    Gorgeous pictures! I can’t wait to visit a beach! (hopefully sooner than later)

  9. 25

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    I love your ‘behind’ picture too.. I love when they forget I’m even there!
    I linked up but my post isn’t kind of a cheat again.. sorry?!

  10. 32

    Mariposa says

    This post is making me more excited because we’re going to the beach next week! Great Shots! Happy WW! 😉 Mine is up!

  11. 34

    April says

    I can’t think of anything better than a fun day at the beach! Great pics, Angie! So glad you all had a blast!

  12. 35

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    Those pictures are great! I really love that last one…looks like the kids had a great time! 🙂

  13. 37

    Deb says

    you trip looks awesome. i have never been to any beach on the pacific coast.

    my oldest really wants to see seals in their natural habitat…

    glad you guys had such a fun time. hope your neck is feeling better!

  14. 40

    Nina says

    Aren’t vacations the best… I have never been to Mexico but would love to go someday. That sand looks so neat.

  15. 41

    Ronda's Rants says

    Oh I love the pictures…it looks like you all had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get to the beach!

  16. 44

    Sparkette says

    Looks like tons of fun!! Boogie boarding is a fav in our house too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your vaca pics!

  17. 45

    Sweet Annabelle says

    WOW – nice beach photos! I love how the kids are standing with their arms out just feeling it all up.


  18. 47

    HeatherY says

    We’re off to the beach next month! I can’t wait. There really is nothing better than vaca at the beach!

  19. 48

    mommaof4wife2r says

    our beach week was awesome too. lvoe all the pics. great minds think alike today…i’m all about the unseen at the beach today at my ww!

    boogie board rash

  20. 54

    lmt1073 says

    love the pics… I so want to be there with ya’ll… lol.. the beach is my favorite place in the world.

  21. 56

    Sweet Serendipity says

    Wow, it’s gorgeous there! I can’t wait for beach weather here. Usually May gets warm enough. My kids love playing in the surf and sand too. What fun!

  22. 58

    ParentingPink says

    Oh, I MISS the beach! I grew up in Virginia Beach here on the East Coast and wish we lived closer!

  23. 59

    Sara @ Ordinary and Awesome says

    What beautiful photos! I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, so these pictures make me miss home.

    Happy WW!

  24. 60

    Kathleen W. says

    I love that last photo, of them all on the board. And note to my husband too…wear a shirt this year!

  25. 61

    Shannon says

    Great photos! Looks like it was so much fun. Brian and I are dying to take the kids to the beach. Maybe next year:)

  26. 65

    Em says

    Oh, that last shot – priceless!!

    Only 76 days until we hit the beach. But who’s counting 😉

    (p.s. I still gave you linky love for WW today, but extenuating circumstances made me bump my previously created, sweet post to dear hubby for our anniversary for a Hubby Vent. I’m sorry, my mental health depended on it 🙂

  27. 66

    Heather @ Not a DIY Life says

    Sounds like you had a great time (except for the boogie board rash!). Love that last pic too!

  28. 67

    Adrian's Crazy Life says

    I finally get to play! I never have a post with more pictures than words. Guess I like to talk too much! But this time, I had a good one.

  29. 70

    •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says

    Oh the sand itself sold me. How beautiful! Looks like a wonderful trip!!

  30. 74

    Threeundertwo says

    That last shot is priceless! And gold in the sand? My kids would probably have tried to pick it out.

  31. 80

    MamaJoss says

    Oh great shots of the kids….LOVE the Gold flecks in the sand…so beautiful! Not like the Jersey Shore (where I grew up)…at all – haha! Love your blog and Wordful Wednesday…seems more appropriate for me…well, with all my words and such.

  32. 81

    Kristin says

    Ahhhh, the jealousy continues, as I stare hopelessly out my window at the SNOW covering my peas in the garden…. sigh.

  33. 87

    Live.Love.Eat says

    I double clicked and definitely saw flecks of gold – nice!!! That last pic is awesome especially since they were unaware!!!!

    Wish i could have participated this week. Just have to get this 1st week of working out of the way and used to a new routine!

  34. 89

    Rachael says

    what a wonderful set of pictures, i adore the last one. it looks like your vacation was wonderful. i need a beach vacation…

  35. 90

    girlytwins says

    I so need to be on that beach right now. I was telling DH last night that I really wanna plan a trip at a resort for this summer. We do a lot of vacations but mostly camping and family trips but I want a real vacation where I don’t have to do all the cooking and cleaning LOL.

    Beautiful pics.

  36. 97

    brunger bunch says

    Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun…especially as I look on my window on this first day of spring break for the kids, and see snow, snow, and its snowing!!! I hope they get at least one good day on their break to play outside:) Loved the beach pictures, they are so cute!

  37. 98

    Megan says

    Looks like SO much fun!!! I wish I were on a beach in the warm sun right now!

    (and I’m not sure why, but I can *never* get your button to work…i’m copying/pasting it into ‘edit html’ but it’s not working. =( )

  38. 102

    Kathy B! says

    Blech. I’ve had the rash. You want to wear the shirt. Trust me on this.

    Otherwise, looks like perfection 🙂

  39. 103

    Jenners says

    That looks awesome! And I want to try boogie boarding!! Do you think I could survive? I want to go there!

  40. 104

    ChefDruck says

    I would kill to be on that beach tomorrow instead of trying to purge all the clutter in my house to put it up for sale! Great pictures – I especially love the last one, you can really see their bond.

  41. 106

    T Rex Mom says

    Thanks for your post – it was cold here today and it made me image warmer days!

    And I LOVE the past photo of the kids soaking up the mist!

  42. 109

    Susie says

    WOW! Those are some awesome memories–good for you! I will be dreaming of the beach while soaking up some of our 60 degree sun. Mexico looks sooooo great right about now!

  43. 110

    Debra says

    That is SO awesome! Is this your first “vacation” besides visiting family since you had the twins? We are trying to figure out the right age. I so need a vacation!

  44. 111

    Jen says

    Looks like a really fun place! It has been so cold here lately, so any beach is looking really great right about now!!

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