Wordful Wednesday-Temple Hill

Growing up, I had access to one of the best “rolling hills” around.  By “rolling hills” I mean a place to roll ones body down.  For fun.   Technically, I don’t think we were ever supposed to roll down the hill, but in the more than 30 years that I’ve been trespassing and rolling, no one has ever said anything to me, much less kicked me off the hill. Well, except my grandma who always says, “you are not allowed to roll down that hill”. Here’s the thing: the hill is the hill upon which the Manti Temple sits. So it is a quiet and tranquil setting, full of beauty…and the best darn hill rolling place around. So, when we roll down the hill, we try to do it as quietly as possible. :) And, even though I know that the hill was not designed for this purpose, and even though I’m an adult and know better, I couldn’t NOT take my kids to a place where so many memories of mine were made.

I even roped my brother into breaking the unwritten hill rolling rule (there are not any signs specifically posted that say, “no hill rolling”) with us.

{My brother and my kids after getting some good rolling in}

{This is the Manti temple, which sits at the top of the hill. Isn’t it beautiful?}

{This is the view of the town of Manti from the top of the hill.}

{And these are my kids, rolling down the wonderful hill.}

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