Wordful Wednesday-Sunset

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We have been having the most amazing sunsets lately.

Notice that the leaves are finally off the trees here?  It’s just like Fall.  Only different.


  1. 7


    That is so amazingly gorgeous!! The Pioneer Woman is having sunrise/sunset photo assignments this week; you should totally submit that! If you want to, that is. 🙂

  2. 9


    One of my FAV things to take pics of are sunrises and sunsets. This is just spectacular. SPECTACULAR (that deserves all caps, lol) Beautiful colors! Beautiful canvas!

  3. 13


    The leaves are finally gone ‘eh? Finally!

    Hey, are in in the region with a “tornado warning!” Because that’ll change the look of those trees really fast!

  4. 28


    It is the same way here in Central FL. The leaves just fell off of the trees. They will be back by the middle of March. Weird!
    Have a Happy WW!

  5. 40


    I LOVE the sunsets we’ve been having! That one is amazing!!

    I STILL can’t get the button to work on my blog….I think it has something against me! =)

  6. 67

    Mellisa says

    What a beautiful shot– while I love the tree’s with leaves in the spring — they are so wonderful as silhouettes!!

  7. 85


    What a beautiful sunset.

    PS The code in your box has different quote marks that don’t bring you to the site…I don’t know if its a wordpress thing or what…just thought I’d let you know.

  8. 105


    What a gorgeous photo! It really makes me miss the sunsets back home in Hawaii. 🙁
    I’m so glad I found your blog! If you don’t mind, I’m just going to have a look around. Have a wonderful evening.

    Kristi, “live and love…out loud”

  9. 108


    Oh my gosh, has it been THAT long since I’ve been around, that I’m only now seeing your fabulous new blog look?! I’m sorry. I suck. ;-( But you don’t! Thanks for stopping by the other day to wish me a happy blogiversary!


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