Wordful Wednesday-Shopping Surprise

We got a fun surprise when we were shopping at Lowe’s this week.  They are carrying the new Pfister faucet packaging with my boys on the box.

Now, if only seeing themselves on a faucet box kept them from complaining  every time we stopped by…..

If your kidlets watch Sprout by PBS, you also might get a glimpse of my twins.  They have been airing an ABCmouse.com commercial that they shot around the same time as this Pfister campaign.  Good times.

And, yes, I am aware that I sound like a braggart, but I’m allowed.  I’m their mom.

And, is it as clear to you as it is to me that I need the new iphone so that next time a situation like this arises I can get decent pictures?

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday, only WITH words. It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter, but in a good way. More info. in my tabber box titled WW on the right. Thank you for playing along!

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    I think I need to start a Get Angie an iPhone fund. Who’s with me?! And, you’re totally allowed to brag! Access Hollywood said my kid looks like Russell Brand and I can’t shut up about it!

  2. 5


    Oh wow! how fantastic is that!?! Must be so cool to see themselves out there like that!

    ps Just wanted you to know that I moved my blog to a new URL because of my stalker… on WP now! yeah me 🙂

    • 6

      Angie says

      Oh good. I noticed that you had closed everything down and meant to email you before school started and all manner of craziness broke out. So glad you are back!

  3. 7


    That would be so cool! I bet your boys were thrilled.

    So when you get a new iPhone, can I have your old one? Haha! I don’t have one yet and I am jealous. You probably have kids that want it too!

  4. 9


    Brag all you want, ’cause if it were me, I’d be doing the exact same thing! 🙂 And I am right there with you with the iPhone 5 – October can’t get here soon enough!

    • 14

      Angie says

      The best part is that the whole experience has been fun. The loved both auditions, the shoot was one of the funnest days of their lives and now getting to see the shots in the stores and online really makes them happy, although they are still to young to really get that it’s anything but fun.

  5. 35


    Hi, it’s my first time playing here at Wordful Wednesday. I’m glad I found this meme because I can almost never post a picture without saying SOMETHING about it!

    By the way, didn’t you read in the “mama’s handbook” that moms are SUPPOSED to brag! LOL! Very cute boys you have. 🙂

  6. 40


    I bet they were soo excited! And don’t worry about the phone. Mine takes decent about the same quality pictures, I refuse to upgrade to a smart phone. I just don’t use mine enough!

  7. 44


    Love it! I just plain need an iPhone. My blackberry doesn’t cut it 🙂 Waiting patiently on Sprint to give me the go ahead 🙂 Love that they are little actors! Fun for you guys I am sure!

    • 45

      Angie says

      They are super social, so the “acting” thing comes naturally at this age. It’s not like they are being asked to do something like show emotion they wouldn’t normally, you know.

      The sprint/iphone thing is exactly where I am…..So waiting for a October.

    • 53

      Angie says

      It was really fun for them. They were so bored at the store, and it was a nice diversion. The box they are on was the only faucet out with the new packaging, too!


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