Wordful Wednesday-{Photo Shoot}

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Last week the twins had “fun times 10 million”. They participated in a photo shoot showcasing Pfister products. It’s for print, not commercials, and it was a blast.

I promised more photos, so here you go:

The anatomy of a photo shoot. As recorded, by moi.

These first photos were taken after they’d been attended to by wardrobe, but before their “work” actually began.

Their “work” consisted of playing with shaving cream in a bathroom with a model who was their “dad”.

These next photos were taken after the first round of shots.

This is how a crew of people with specific jobs are able to see what is going on in a confined space (the set).ย  They stand around a computer screen and watch remotely.

And these photos were taken after the second round.ย  Imagine how wild they went with the shaving cream!ย  I’m not sure how many cans they went through, but I can tell you that they had 3 T-shirt changes and were covered in shaving cream.ย  COVERED.

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    How cute are they?! Seriously, those boys look like tons of fun. Just the kind of guys my dudes would probably scare or hurt or spill something on. And then you wouldn’t want to be friends anymore and I would be sad. That’s it. You’re never meeting The Dudes. I don’t want them ruining this for me!


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