Wordful Wednesday Photo Revealed

On Wednesday I had a contest asking my readers to guess “who is who”  in the blurry picture posted that I had taken at Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix.
Five of you got the correct anwsers:  Just Lisa, No Filler, Debbie of Who Say’s 8 is Enough, Lolli from Better in Bulk, Janis at Sneak Peak at Me, and Liz of Loving Mom of 2 Boys!

However, only ONE can win and the winner is:  Janis at Sneak Peak at Me!

From Left to Right (including hints):

1. If you do not know this one, then you don’t know me.  {ME}

2. She is pregnant with #3 and blogs at a site with 2 M’s in the title. {Francesca from Mayhem and Moxie}

3. She’s really NOT losing it. {Kathy of Mama’s Losin’ It}

4. Her blog title sounds a bit like a cartoon. {Loralee of Loralee’s Loony Tunes}

5. She has a few blogs, but one rhymes with gyp funkie. {Laurie of Tip Junkie}


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