Wordful Wednesday-Official Launch

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John (above), Jacob (below)

My heart is swelling. I think that I have a few book worms on my hands.


  1. 2

    MamaGeek says

    Now THAT’s a good idea Angie and you’re right, you should be VERY proud – and good reading choice I might add! 🙂

  2. 3

    Jen says

    They are so sweet. My kids are always bring me books to read. I don’t know where they got it from but it makes me feel like I am going something right.

  3. 16

    Helene says

    SOOOOO adorable!!! I can see why your heart would swell with love watching them sleeping so peacefully next to their books!

  4. 17

    WheresMyAngels says

    They are so cute and I just love that bright red hair. I wish my 4 year old was sleeping right now! Oh how I wish it.

  5. 39

    Jill says

    Wow… what great photos. And Dr. Suess – we love those books!

    Sleeping kids are my favorite! They can’t talk back. 🙂

  6. 41

    Threeundertwo says

    That Fox in Sox book makes me crazy near the end. My kids would always pick that one to read aloud.

    Fabulous pictures. I think my 12 year old is asleep in her bed with a book right now. Such a wonderful thing to see.

  7. 42

    Cecily R says

    They are just adorable ADORABLE. Times two.

    Isaac did the same thing when he was their age. I loved it!

    I love your WW idea by the way. I’m so IN!

  8. 43

    Casey's trio says

    What a great way to start your Wordful Wednesdays! I love that you have more little readers in your nest:)

  9. 48

    Tabitha says

    Oh…those photos just made my day. Makes me consider that having a little boy someday might not be all that bad afterall. How sweet!

  10. 65

    Laurie says

    They pick out good books! Wonder what they are dreaming about. So cute that they are BOTH asleep with books. Great shots.

  11. 66

    Jacki says

    How cute! Emma likes to read after we’ve put her to bed, so she’s always falling asleep with books.

    Nothing wrong with being a bookworm!

  12. 67

    Tiaras & Tantrums says

    Love these little red heads! I can’t believe they fell asleep with books!

    I especially LOVE the superman Cape!!

  13. 69

    Kimmers says

    What a great picture – I think you’re raising some book lovers there!!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my last post… what a wonderful thing to say. It completely made my night so I thought I should let you know!

  14. 70

    Live.Love.Eat says

    Hey Angie. I love your pics. And I am so happy to be participating in this with you. This will be my first time participating in a group thing like this. I often like to just post about my family with a pic and words, when I am not sharing a recipe, so this gives me that opportunity plus there is a community feel.

  15. 72

    Neil says

    Adorable photos! I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been happy for the past couple of weeks because the girls have started flipping through their books and babbling like they’re reading aloud – and books are now the number one thing they “fight” over. While they’re not actually reading yet, I finally feel like I’m doing a good job teaching them something.

  16. 76

    Munchkins and Music says

    I forgot about wordful wednesday so I did wordless, but I did write words with my picture. So I guess I can do wordful too! Next time hopefully I’ll remember!!

  17. 93

    Lindsay says

    Love the concept of using Mr. Linky for Wordful Wednesday! I didn’t know you were doing this until I checked your blog today – I’ll put your link on my blog next Wed for sure…for some reason my computer is not recognizing the picture, only the link…or it could just be me – THAT’S probably more the problem.

    Oh – and I only put my kids to bed with books (not toys) – I love the idea of falling asleep to books!!

  18. 94

    Mekhismom says

    These photos are too cute. I keep a book in my son’s crib to keep him entertained when he wakes up. Sometimes I hear him in there “reading” to himself before he cries to be taken out of the crib. I have a photo if I find it maybe I will post too.

  19. 96

    GoteeMan says

    that is totally sweet… both my boys are avid readers and have been since they were small – smart as a whip, too…

    J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

  20. 97

    Veggie Mom says

    Dr. Seuss–one of my faves! I still have several of those books memorized. When College Girl had recurring ear infections, we’d sit out on the porch swing in the dark and I’d recite Dr. Seuss and Madeleine!

  21. 116

    mommaof4wife2r says

    love that little guys red hair! makes me smile. and you have to be proud when the book makes him happy! yeah for you!

  22. 119

    Debra says

    Oh so cute!!! What is around the little guys neck that is red in the top picture?

    My twins fall asleep with books every night. I am so excited because they would not sit still until jhust recently for books

  23. 120

    Jonny's Mommy says

    i’m so glad you launched this. I wanted to do something like this. I hate wordless wednesday, probably because I just ramble.

    I love these photos. I’m going to check out your blog more to find out how old they are. They look about the age of my son.

    Also, hopped here from My Chaos My Bliss.

  24. 122

    Mark and Kiss says

    I love the photos Angie! Your boys are adorable! It also shows that you have passes on your passion for good books. 🙂

  25. 123

    Sydney says

    So, so cute! I love it! My little guy always tries to sneak in extra books at bedtime. I’m sure I’ll wake up to this one of these days!

  26. 125

    Jaysi says

    I love that he is reading in his superhero get-up! Too cute for words. I am a book lover myself, so this is nirvana to me!

  27. 149

    Tash says

    hey if you see this, I can’t figure out how to the code into a post. I can put it on the side but how do you put it in your post?? thanks

  28. 151

    Tracy says

    I agree – I LOVE it when my girls read.
    I had a LONG day & when I read your blog at 10pm – I thought I'd try to do the Wordful Wednesday. I could not figure out how to copy your button thing – I am so frustrated – hopefully next time.

  29. 153

    Taya says

    One of those “kodak moments”. and might I add they have great taste in books. We are totally Dr. Suess fans!

  30. 154

    raising4boys says

    I just love those photos. I have a few of those shots myself. In my opinion it’s much better that they are falling asleep with books instead of in front of the T.V.

  31. 155

    Cherry's Jubilee says

    Ahhhh what cuties…it is never too early to teach them good habits. My son loves to read. cherry

  32. 156

    Jyl at Mommy Gossip says

    These are simply amazing! TENDER!

    My most favorite picture of all time is one my husband, unbeknown to me, took of me reading to my 3 month old (who is now 7). We were both looking down at the book. My son looked totally into it. It was so sweet. The most awesome part is that he has turned out to a TOTAL BOOK WORM. Can’t get enough of reading. I should search for that pic and post it. It was one of those rare candid shots you prize! And the fact that it describe him makes it all the better. 🙂

  33. 159

    Susie says

    Gosh they are so beautiful! You are one lucky mama! I can see why your heart is swelling! I love Fox in Socks!

  34. 162

    Live.Love.Eat says

    These were all great Angie. I enjoyed checking them all out, except some did not have a picture or even a post for that day. Maybe they wanted to but then didn’t get a chance?

  35. 163

    Honey Mommy says


    I am totally going to participate next week. I didn’t really enjoy worldless wednesday very much because I like to tell about my pictures!

    Plus my pictures tend to be less “artsy” and more real life, know what I mean?

  36. 164

    Nicole says

    Your boys are so cute. Wow, your a blogging machine love your worless wednesday, I’ll have to remember it for next week. Thanks so much for getting in touch with my SIL Sheleen about the monoamniotic twins. I know it was very comforting for her to get in touch with someone who’s been through the same thing. We went and saw her twins last week at the hospital, they are adorable.

  37. 168

    MoziEsmé says

    Reminds me of my childhood – that was my favorite way to fall asleep!

    And good books – Fox in Socks drives me nuts, but I love the Tooth book.

  38. 194

    armyfamilyok says

    Love the fact that they’re asleep with their books. That’s just too cute!! Kids and books is a blessing!!

  39. 196

    Bonnie the Boss says

    Your blog rocks and you can tell by how many comments you have. I wish I could figure out how to increase mine. I need to be more interesting.
    Anywho, I have a couple of mine who can’t sleep without at least a dozen books. It does warm the heart a little.

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