Wordful Wednesday-Occupational Hazard

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See what happens when one “falls asleep on the job” and is too lazy to make their children go to their own beds?

Jeff had a “late night” with the kids, which means they got to stay up late watching a movie together.

He was the only one that stayed on the couch.



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    You’re brave! I give up when two kids join me (why can’t they EVER sleep straight?) . That’s when even the love seat is more comfortable.

    The legs tucked under the shirt make me laugh.

  2. 17


    That happens when I sleep with my son…and there’s only one of him! That couldn’t have been a comfortable night!!

    Did any of them end up moving off the bed? This picture is darling!

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    I just found your blog. I had to laugh out loud because I just wrote a blog about Wordless Wednesday and how no one seems to remain wordless. I am so pumped to be able to use words on Wednesday. So, when you check out my blog….scroll down and read my snarky comments about Wordless Wednesday. I think you will like it. Loved, loved, loved the photo! It reminded me of my life with four kids. They are all grown now and my husband and I have the bed to ourselves (unless you count the dogs who think they get to crawl up there too). That was TMI

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    haha. I don’t know how you slept. I have trouble with just one three-year-old. Somehow I end up on the very edge of my king-size bed when she shares it with me.

  5. 34


    As annoying as it might have seemed, it is really charming seeing them all curled up like that together. Some day they all won’t be in the same house and certainly not all in the same bed. How wonderful you could capture this moment.

  6. 35

    laurie Johnson says

    Brian will so appreciate that pic! He is usually ready to take them right back to bed. Me? on the other hand, usually pulling back the covers for them but even that might have been too much for me…Are you sure you meant to use slept? Seems like the couch might have been a better spot. Next time join Jeff:)

  7. 38


    How cute & cozy!
    However, I think I would’ve stayed on the couch too. OUCH, my back hurts just thinking about sleeping on that sliver.

    ps Are you still having trouble viewing and commenting on my blog?

  8. 40


    Precious! This is a scenario I know well in my own home.
    And before that…as a kid, I remember waking up crammed into Mom’s bed with a ton of my siblings. Snug!

  9. 46


    Oh my bed looks the same – minus a kid or two, lol! The worst is when they pee on my bed! What starts out as a nice gesture on my part turns into a lake in the middle of the bed. Not cool boys, not cool at all.

  10. 48


    Such a cute picture….one you will cherish for many years too come. Except when you think about how uncomfortable you slept that night. You didn’t really sleep there did you? I would have crawled into one of their beds 🙂 Love Garrett’s legs tucked into his shirt too!

  11. 51


    Too stinkin’ funny!! I have experienced many a night like yours… Consider yourself lucky to have it recorded in such a fabulous picture. 🙂

  12. 56


    Aww, that’s such a sweet and cute pic but then again my reaction was “OUCH” after you pointed out where you were sleeping. I can’t imagine how your back, side, legs and arms must’ve felt the next day. The things we do and go through for our kids… 🙂

    Happy Hump day chica!

  13. 58


    LOL That’s a familiar scene. I do the same thing on Friday nights when my husband is working late. The girls and I have a movie night in my bed. Love it!

  14. 60


    I love that pic! I don’t have enough kids to replicate it, but it is amazing to me how our room attracts our two like a magnet; we have three full baths but our DD must use our shower every night — usually right about the time I am heading that way!!

    In my wordless, I share my friend Ann’s art of sumi-e (Chinese bamboo brush painting)!

  15. 71


    Oh my goodness! Too cute. All I can think of is that storybook “The Napping House” when I see this picture! If you don’t know the book I’m talking about you have to check it out. It will make you laugh.

  16. 77


    I’d have left them there and gone to sleep in the guest room. That may be the only time I’ve ever seen 5 kids in the same place without a big fight!

  17. 78


    Such a cute picture! This reminds me of growing up and all of us siblings (9 total) would try to fit on our couch and eventually fall asleep there. Though, It may have just been 5-6 at one time!

  18. 79


    I don’t know how you do it!! Just one in bed with me kicking and squirming drives me nuts! Why can’t they stay in one position when they sleep?

    Cute picture!

  19. 80


    THIS PHOTO IS BEAUTIFUL! And that little space was a slice of heaven on earth. Surrounded by so much warm and fuzzy beauty.

    Lucky lucky woman.

  20. 87


    Oh my! They each have their space and look so comfortable although your space allotment looks a little tight and close to the edge for comfort 🙂

  21. 93


    I love he Wordful Wednesday. It gives me a chance to share my photos and ramble about them with my blog friends. Thank you for hosting this.

  22. 100


    reminds me of a photo somewhere around here that was from when I was little. A few families must have all gone to an amusement park together and saved money by cramming all of the kids into one bed. We were all sunburnt and sleeping like we were dead. Kids can sleep anywhere!

  23. 106


    I feel for you! I’ve had many nights in that little sliver on the edge of the bed. It’s one of the many mysteries of children. How can they sleep so well like that?

  24. 110


    I love this photo — what a sweet moment! I’ve got to give you credit for clinging to that little sliver of space. More often than not, if my son climbs into bed with us halfway through the night, I wind up moving to his empty twin bed. It’s amazing how much space just my one child occupies in bed, I can’t imagine five!

  25. 115


    I am impressed you were able to get ANY sleep. Your sliver is smaller than my sliver is when both of my girls and husband all crash in our bed. Oh the things we do for our kids 🙂

  26. 117


    Hi! My bed has looked like that! 🙂 I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now but just realized I wasn’t following! Since fate deems it important enough to pull me here every day I am now your newest follower!

  27. 143


    Awww, that’s adorable. I’m sure it wasn’t a comfortable way to sleep, but they look just like a litter of puppies.

  28. 146


    That is too cute and sweet! I can’t believe they all slept!

    And, your space? Yeah, I would have taken over one of their beds!

  29. 147

    Lauren @ Hobo Mama says

    That is super adorable! What a loving parent you are to take the leftover sliver. 🙂


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