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There’s a whole world out there foreign to me, and it’s called Nascar.  American’s who watch and follow Nascar are devoted.  And I mean devoted.  At least if my dad is any indication.

A grateful customer gave Jeff four tickets to the races recently and he took the boys.  He said the energy was remarkable, and they had a good time.  I’m glad.  I still don’t get it though.

What about you? Are you a Nascar fan?  Who is your favorite racer?  How much time do you spend watching/attending Nascar races?

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    Angie-I definitely do NOT get Nascar either, but I’ve heard it’s really fun to go to the races. My husband watches them once in a while on T.V., personally I think it’s like watching paint dry.

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    Hubby is a big fan. I watch, but am more in & out of the room! LOL. we like a home state driver from WI. Matt Kenseth, we belong to his fan club & they have an annual party where he signs autographs & they have door prizes. He is very low key, approachable & sweet. Nascar is family friendly & very patriotic. they have an invocations, pledge of allegiance & usually a military fly over before each cup race. strict rules about behavior on & off the race track.

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    I’ve never watched a NASCAR race nor had any interest. But I’ve seen the Disney movie Cars about a million times since it’s my little guy’s favorite movie.

    I am glad they had a great time.

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    I have to say I’ve never watched a Nascar race and I don’t think I ever will – at least on TV. I do think it would be fun to try the whole redneck camping thing at the track for the weekend…if only for the mullet and people watching 😉

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    I don’t get it either and thankfully, none of my boys (kids) have gotten into it either.
    Not sure I could deal with them watching cars race around in circles on the TV (although I’m sure it’s more fun in person…)

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    I don’t get it either, and neither does my husband. I just can’t see the draw in watching cars driving around in circles… Then again I don’t see the thrill in football either – but my husband is obsessed with that particular sport!

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    How fun!! I would love to take the boys, but it’s just WAY to loud for them right now. I was a huge NASCAR fan when I was younger, when Dale Sr. raced. Kinda lost it for me when the Intimidator passed!

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    I know less than nothing about Nascar but I suspect the whole noise and pollution thing would be a pretty big turnoff for me. Glad your kids liked it though :).

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    Never been, never watched, EVER. But I do know what it’s like to feed off of our children’s energy! So very priceless! Y’all are good ones! XO

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    My dad is a HUGE Nascar fan. He actually believes it is the only real sport. And that, my friend, is a direct quote from him on the matter!

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    I’m with you on this one. By marrying Irish I have to put up with soccer, but I think that is much better than racing!

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    If it has to be cars, it should be a Car Ralley. At least you can see something there, and if it’s only gravel in the air. 😉 But my little one would definitely go for Nascar. He’s into ‘the world of cars’ right now, quite similar, isn’t it?

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    We’re not big Nascar fans. The hubs will watch it if it’s on somewhere (at a friends or when we’re out to eat) but other than that, not really.

    I really don’t “get it” either. But then, I’m not really a huge sports fan in general.

  14. 50


    I’m not into Nascar either but I know a lot of people who are. My hubby will turn it on now and then to see who’s winning but he knows if I’m around that it won’t fly. lol

  15. 51


    LOVE all the shots!!

    I’m not a NASCAR fan – I used to be a member of the SCCA and got to hang out in the pits for Formula One racing…I even got to ride in the pace car and direct the cars onto the track before the race. Your hubby’s right – the energy is awesome. But us Formula One fans used to tease the NASCAR drivers about leaving oil on the tracks – you know, because their cars looked like beaters compared to the Formula One ones… 😉 Some friends of ours are huge NASCAR fans and attend all the races on the East Coast – total fanatics! 🙂

  16. 59


    I haven’t been to a race since I was 8 or nine (which is like 40 years ago), but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was so much fun and so exciting.

  17. 60


    Love it!!!!
    But, to really experience it, you have to go… TV is just not as fun!!!
    (As I say this, I have only been 2 times! ha ha!
    Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson are my guys…
    Well, JJ not so much anymore…

  18. 63


    I wouldn’t consider myself a devout fan, but I do occasionally watch and I’ve been to a race. My husband sucked me in.
    I do have my favorite…Jimmie Johnson #48!
    He’s an incredible driver…and he’s really cute too!

  19. 64


    Not a NASCAR fan, at all, but your photos are great and it looks like a great day for making smiles and memories! Thanks for the chance to link up on Wordless Wednesday!

  20. 69


    What? WHAT?

    I went to one NASCAR race. Even with earplugs firmly in place, I swear it took a week for my hearing to return.

    I’m not a fan, and would never bother to watch on TV, but the actual race was fun. I’m sure the kids were excited to tell you all about it.


  21. 70


    I am a North Carolinian, so Nascar kind-of runs in our blood. I’m not “into” as much as a lot of people, but since my husband watches it and I have attended a couple of races — I do have some favorite racers. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of my favorites, but now DayStar Christian TV has a car and driver!

    Loved your pics!

  22. 71


    Fantastic Pictures. I have never been to a Nascar Race. I have been to a Bush Race before. We use to get tickets from Budweiser to go. It would be fun to go to the pre parties. Meet the drivers. I tried very hard to get Nascar Tickets but no such luck. I love Nascar. My favorite is Earnhardt Jr.

  23. 72


    My dad used to take me to the Nascar races in Charlotte, NC twice a year and we’d camp out in the infield for a weekend. As a child, I thought it was the most exciting thing in the world. As an adult, I know that it was the father/daughter time and not the cars driving in circles endlessly that got me so excited. 😉

  24. 90


    TOTALLY DO NOT GET NASCAR. Make fun of it every chance I get!!

    I have no idea.

    Maybe it’s like Hockey? You only really enjoy it when in person where you can see the fans make jacka– of themselves. (can I say that?) sorry.

  25. 91


    I know nothing about Nascar– other than what I may have picked up from the Cars cartoon. Ermmm.

    I miss doing these WW posts–I should take it up again. (=

  26. 93


    So funny. Nascar fans ARE super devoted. Tony said a few weeks ago he wanted to start watching Nascar. I just laughed, like we have enough time for another sport LOL

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