Wordful Wednesday-My Newest Swimmers

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You didn’t think I’d forget to follow up my last post without a picture, did you?

Now, I do realize that lately I’ve had a lot of swimming pictures. But that’s all I’ve got. So bear with me.


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    You can have as many swimming pictures as you want Angie : ) I mean, you have 5 swimmers now. That is something to take pictures of for sure : )

    I keep forgetting to take my camera to the pool. Kaishon always says he is glad I forget : )

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    There’s nothing wrong with a bunch of swimming pics in the middle of summer…that’s what it’s all about, right? Congrats on having all 5 swimmers. So exciting!

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    Congratulations on your swimmers, Angie! I remember being so relieved when both of mine could swim. Plus, it just makes summer that much more fun! Hugs to you. 🙂

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    Love, love, LOVE it. We swim like fishies ’round here and I have always loved it as a kid and now I love seeing Tristan the same way!! And I just love pools. I could look at pics of pools all day!

    My WW post is a special one. You’ll see why.

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    That pool looks so nice. Sometimes I wish we had one in our backyard, especially right now!

    And that’s so awesome that they are all swimming now. WAHOO! 😀

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    First time linking up! Love WW.

    We have lot’s of swimming pics too….seems that with it being so hot out, that’s all we do!

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    I think that picture is perfect! If summer isn’t about swimming then what is it about anyway? (Except for grownups who still have big nasty deadline projects etc etc.) Swim, little fishies swim!

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    That’s a great photo and it looks like they’re having too much fun!! I don’t have a “wordful”, but I do have a wordLESS!! Happy WW….either way!!

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    I heart your swimming shots. Makes me wish I could be there chatting you up while The Dudes join in, but I’ll settle for the pics I guess:)

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    There’s nothing better than having a ton of swimming photos, especially from your own backyard! The kids must be having a great summer out there.

  11. 66


    Great to see your swimmers in action – my photo is not that great this week but it means a lot – Miss Maddy is conquering her fear of heights! 🙂 Have a great week!

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    Kids learning to swim and take part in the joy and freedom that brings – in my mind – equals a lot of great posts! Congrats to them, and to you, for all the fun it brings.

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    MommyNamedApril says

    swimming is awesome. we do it all the time too, but i never think to bring my camera out. it would probably end up swimming too.

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    noexcuses says

    Beautiful pool! You’ve inspired me to post about my girls’ swimming lessons! What a great ego booster for them to know that they can control their water destiny!

    Thanks for sp0nsoring this! Great picture!

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    Is your pool heated? Hope it has gotten warmer for you guys, but maybe my blood is just too thin from being in the South for too long – nothing better than little swimmers!


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