Wordful Wednesday ~ Memorial Day Weekend Gratitude

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I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

I had a weekend full of time spent with my husband and children in which I just felt…..grateful.

I have a tendency to get caught up in the minutae of everyday life and not take the time to look at the big picture OR enjoy the little moments that make up the whole canvas.  This weekend, as a family we worked hard and we played together and through it all, I kept thinking over and over how lucky I am.  I’d look at my husband and my children and my home and all the things that make up my life and get this overwhelming sense of gratitude.  I’m so thankful for all of those that have have fought for my freedom and that have done x,y and z to help make my life as beautiful as it is.

I swear.  My cup overfloweth!

I even took a few pictures of some of the things that made me happy this weekend.  Like:

A peacock strutting his stuff in one of my favorite neighborhoods.

Jeff and Garrett working together to build the twins a closet that they can actually use.

The twins face when they saw their new closet.

The kids swimming.  Need I say more?  I love nothing more than hanging out by the pool and watching my kids when they are ENJOYING themselves in the sun (and not fighting).


I’ve always wanted a garden, and this year my husband planted one for me.  He started me off with tomatos, zucchini, peppers, basil, rosemary and carrots.

Everything just seems to be in bloom and green and beautiful and I’m so thankful that this weekend I was able to enjoy my family and be outside and think about what’s important.

What about you?  What did you do for the holiday weekend?

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      Now, let’s see if the kids and I can remember to water the vegetables. We have a drip line system back there and some of the plants aren’t on it yet…..:)

  1. 8


    Looks like a truly blessed weekend! We had a lovely weekend too. Only wish we had the pool to jump into instead of our sucky old sprinkler. But oh well, our cup runneth over too!

    P.S. Lovin’ the twins new closet!!

    • 9


      Funny thing, the sprinkler. My kids asked me if they could run through the sprinklers the other day. I was like, “uh. why not just swim?”

  2. 10


    Your long weekend does look like all kinds of awesome. Is that a pool, like in your own backyard? So amazing. I have always secretly wished for a backyard pool, but alas it is too cool here in Northern Canada. The night temps dip too low and make that water fah reezing. Thanks for the highlighting Bungalow’56. I am always truly honoured to see my blog chosen.

    • 15


      Emma’s has a new BFF from Israel. She’s going back next year for her Bar Mitzvah, so this is the perfect opportunity for the two of us to review your pictures and brush up on our geography! 🙂

  3. 16


    Those are the most perfect weekends…when you just sit back and let it happen.
    PS. Peacocks just randomly roam your streets? Like squirrels?
    PPS. Don’t blame my Canadianess for a silly question.

    • 17


      There is this neighborhood near where I grew up where peacocks do! For years I’d drive through and see at least 5 peacocks and then they suddenly disappeared. I’m sure the residents finally got sick of them. They can be aggressive, I’m sure. I bet animal control took them away but they are coming back. Hooray! 🙂

    • 23


      Blogging in the classroom is an ieniresttng idea. I teach in a high school and I have students that are blogging in their English classes. The students seem really excited about it and enjoy sharing what they know through technology rather than pencil/paper or verbally. I think it is a neat idea that really allows students to grow in education by using what they enjoy… technology, Internet, computer, etc. I’m just recommending that if a teacher is going to take this route that they are very careful in monitoring what students are writing. I had a student in my class that was sexually harassed through blogging and the student who was responsible was expelled from school.

    • 27


      Hay que ver que la ignorancia si es aeitvrda pero lo peor de todo es la envidia que la gente pueda sentir por alguien que simplemnte no se quedo como nsotros, porque todos tenemos suef1os pero son pocos lo que lo logran y aquellos que solo saben criticar, y menospreciar a alguien es porque de alguna manera quieren un poco de esa suerte como la llaman muchos y eso les genera frustracion, envidia, e infinidad de cosas negativas, pero mi querido amigo si no le gusta algo para que lo mira porque esta mas enterado que yo de la vida de marbelle. dejeme darle un consejo si no le gusta marbelle pues no se tome la molestia de escribir tanto y dediquese a ver otras cosas que si le interesen y merezcan su apreciacion. Asi si leeria sus articulos para enterarme de cosas que solo usted se ha puesto en la tarea de investigar que bien lo felicito por toda esa informacion.Ah y consiga novia para que le quite esa amargura que lleva adentro, talvez sea eso lo que le falta una mujeer.. jajaxime

  4. 29


    I adore your attitude of gratitude 🙂 I’m making a very conscious effort to remind myself daily of how very VERY fortunate I am as well. We had the same kind of weekend here … work hard, play hard. And it was pretty much perfect!

  5. 32


    Did a whole lotta nothing…but spent every moment w/the fam 🙂 In other words? LOVED IT! Looks like you had a great weekend as well. Great job on the closet and garden and NICE pool!


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