Wordful Wednesday-Kids Bathroom Remodel/Update

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Ever since we purchased our home almost 2 years ago, my husband has been busy at work making each room more comfortable, functional, and all around better looking.

The kids bathroom just finished going through it’s second round of “revisions” and I couldn’t be happier with the result.  The bathroom is much more beautiful, and it’s definitely more functional.  The original pedestal sinks just didn’t work well with 5 children, and the lack of storage was an issue, so changing to a cabinet made a lot of sense.

This is what it looked like before (stark white walls when we first bought the house, dressed up a bit with color on the walls before the latest installment.)

And this is what it looks like now:


The crown moulding and wainscot (my husband can do amazing things with wood and MDF) adds finishing touches to the room and pictured below are some of the elements that pulled everything together.  I love, love, love the granite, my husband wrapped the mirror with maple that he stained to match the cabinet, and the faucets add a little bit of a traditional feel to the otherwise clean lines of the cabinet.

Have you done any home improvements lately that I shouldn’t miss?

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  1. 1


    Your remodel is BEAUTIFUL.

    The only remodeling I’ve done lately is telling Gracie to remove her cardboard box dollhouse from the living room. I don’t think that really counts. 🙂

  2. 8


    Wow I am continually impressed with Jeff’s talent and your vision. I want an awesome wood worker too. Your making this home amazing. Love the colors and the granite. Great great job!

  3. 42


    How lovely! We’re doing some home improvements around here too. Hubby is painting most of the house in a wheat color very similar to yours. I’m tired of white walls.

  4. 44


    Holy frickness – that’s an amazing transformation. I need someone with that kind of gift living with me.

    I think it’s time I found a boy to marry.

    But only one who can first prove to me that he could do that.

  5. 47


    I am loving it!

    We recently redid our kid’s bathrooms also, I wish we could get a double sink in there, it is still on the todo list for that room.

  6. 54


    Holly canoli the remodel is stunning! I’m a little jealous….ok, REALLY jealous! FYI, sorry I screwed up and put my name in linky and then did a redo 🙁 My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet!


  7. 56

    JoeyfromSC says

    OMGOSH that looks fantastic!!!! Great job! No improvements, but I need to do some lol

    Thanks for sharing!! Wow I’m in awe lol

  8. 58


    it looks amazing, but don’t try and tell me it’s always that clean!!! i love that it opens right to the outside of the house! we redid our bathroom too but you’ve probably already seen it!

  9. 61


    Sigh …. I ADORE the deep brown of your cabinets, and the beadboard/wainscoating.

    I have an idea. In your infinite amounts of spare time, just hop a flight, and plan the complete re-haul of my house. K?


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