Wordful Wednesday: ipad warning

I looked and looked.

And then I found it.

My ipad box does have the warning I was looking for:

CAUTION:  Risk of excruciating pain possible if dropped on toe.  Just ask John.

They think of everything.

*In case you missed the big transition, I no longer host Wordful Wednesday. You can link up at Parenting By Dummies!

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  1. 18


    Awwwww Poor little guy! And there’s nothing they can really do about it either. Only Mom can probably take the pain away. Don’t you know kissing the boo boo makes the pain all gone! And I bet you did too, and of course I bet you even bought him something new to play with didn’t you! I remember those days! kissy kissy little guy! Hope it’s all gone soon.

  2. 19


    I’m shocked it managed to avoid hitting any of those other toes.

    I don’t know, it seems suspicious… has there been rumors of rumblings between that toe and the iPad?

    (I’ve a suspicious mind. And that toe looks shifty.)

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