Wordful Wednesday ~ I Am a Broken Record

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I’m the first to admit that when it comes to my kids I. am. a. broken. record.

I do realize this.

It’s always the same refrain.

My kids are growing up too fast.  Why can’t I slow down time?  

I take pictures of my kids and even though I see them in real time I see them seconds later frozen digitally and it hits me all over again how quickly they are growing up.

My girls look like teenagers…..

My 6 year old even looks like a teenager in this picture.

I have these conversations in my head that go something like this, “it’s OK.  They are supposed to grow up.  Remember when you couldn’t wait for them to start talking in real sentences?  Remember?  You wanted THIS!”

And then I have a whispered conversation {a real one} like this one when my youngest crawls into my bed at 4 in the morning:

Me:  “Did you have trouble sleeping?”

John: “No.”

Me: “Did you have a bad dream?”

John: “No.”

Me:  “Then why are you here?”

John:  “Because I missed you and Daddy.”

And I’m reminded that I’m being given little moments of time with my babies back.  Because Someone, somewhere knows that this mama isn’t ready to give up her babies completely….just. quite. yet.

Do you sometimes wish you could turn back time, too?

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  1. 5


    When I saw that first picture the other day, I thought the same thing..they look sooo old. Then, I look at mine and think the same thing.

    That’s so sweet that he missed you..in a sweet after the fact, not in the heat of being kicked and wiggled in your bed kind of way.

    • 6

      Angie says

      It was sweet…..and came at just the right time. I was all ready to send him back to his bed. 🙂

  2. 7


    When I saw that first picture the other day, I thought the same thing..they look sooo old. Then, I look at mine and think the same thing.

    That’s so sweet that he missed you..in a sweet after the fact, not in the heat of being kicked and wiggled in your bed kind of way.

  3. 8


    My kids are both technically adults, but I just had them here for a visit and they were kids again and it did my heart so much good to see them like that. 🙂

    Yours are growing up, yes, but you will see their inner child for a long, long time. 🙂

  4. 26


    I think about my kids growing up and then I think about what it is like now for my own parents to watch their grand kids grow up right before their eyes. The passage of time is a crazy thing. Your kids are gorgeous Angie!! 🙂

  5. 53


    Oh my goodness gracious, I say the same things! And mine aren’t even over 4! But, it’s awesome watching your kids grow into such wonderful people, right? 🙂

    • 58

      Angie says

      Happy Birthday upcoming birthdays to your kids…..bet it seems like they *just* had a birthday too, right? 🙂

  6. 59


    I so completely agree with you…. my babies just turned 5 and upon tucking them in bed, I asked “How is it that you got so big so fast?”

    And the answer I got was, “Mommy, because that is what we are supposed to do. I want to get big.”

    Loved this post 🙂

    • 60

      Angie says


      5. They are 5? I cannot believe that. I thought they were still 3. They are, aren’t they? 🙂

  7. 67


    Oh mama, you are singing my song. I sing that broken record song all the time too. They do grow up too fast. They seem so grown and then they’ll come up and hug you for no reason and say, “Mommy, I wove you.” Love those moments!

    I love the vintage effects on your photos. Nice touch!

    • 68

      Angie says

      I’m in love with all of the photo editing software available as apps these days. It’s almost an addiction. 🙂

  8. 69


    Love the effects on your photos! I just love seeing tmy kids grow and mature, but those moments when they are “little” again are very precious 🙂

  9. 73


    I hear you! Most of the time I just really wish I could go back & cherish those moments just a little longer- capture more of those memories that I didn’t at the time. It’s bittersweet for sure- tougher than anything I ever thought I would go through.

    • 74

      Angie says

      I think that’s the hardest part. Wishing I could go back and cherish the moments instead of hustling through them in order to get everything done……{sigh}

  10. 75


    I wonder where the past 2 and a half years have gone with my little one, but I REALLY wonder how my niece got to be 16?!?! She has her driver’s license now and comes over to babysit my toddler and I can’t help but think “I remember you being born and …. wasn’t that just yesterday?”
    Always love the photos of your kids, they have such great smiles 🙂

    • 76

      Angie says

      Isn’t that crazy when nieces and cousins are suddenly grown up? I think I’m going to really freak when my kids are adults….:)

  11. 77


    I wish it constantly. Constantly. I see my oldest and it breaks my heart that sometimes I genuinely cannot remember her at 4. I cannot remember things about them and it hurts. Sure, I can consult a baby book (probably for the first child only because after that there’re barely even pictures of the other two, let alone stats). When she hits me with attitude, yes, I want to stop the clock. When they argue, I want to turn back time to when they were inseparable, crying if the other was not around.

    Your girls are so very beautiful, Angie. All of your children are, but that picture of the girls? They give us little glimpses into what they’ll be like as teens but still. I can see how/why you’d want to stop time.

    • 78

      Angie says

      With my twins, they are my babies so I think I’ve noticed their milestones more, both because it’s two doing it at once and because there isn’t another baby distracting me from what they are doing. When they were born I had 5 kids 5 years and under and so many things are a blur…….I wish I could go back as I am now and enjoy many moments that I was to tired to before…..

  12. 104


    I found you and I put your button back on on my blog! How are you? I knew you couldn’t stay away long. You go girl. I have a few meme’s myself now like Show Off Tuesdays where you can show off your give-aways and reviews. You know how we’re always looking for comments on our reviews well, here’s a place where you can tell people where they’re at. I also run Monday’s Music Moves Me. So if you feel like rockin stop by! Great to see you again. Thanks for sharing your photos. Dang your kids are getting big & beautiful. Have a great day!

  13. 106


    I feel the same way every time I look at my kids. How did this happen? Where are my babies? And then, on rare occasions, I get a glimpse of them again. Sigh. It’s hard to let go of the baby in them, even when they’re busy becoming pretty cool big people.

    • 111

      Angie says

      How are you? They don’t like to be featured on my blog these days so when I do get to blog about them, I count myself lucky. 🙂

  14. 137


    Aww, I love this post and I can relate. When I am overcome with this feeling I start kissing the children which they hate but I can’t help myself.

  15. 139

    kristin says

    Grace looks like a FULL on teenager!

    I don’t think I will really start to ‘miss’ my little kids— until I NO longer HAVE them. And maybe not even then…

    • 140

      Angie says

      Laughing. You’ll have to let me know if you change your mind once they start leaving one by one.

      Doesn’t she? She’s getting tall, too.

  16. 141


    Every single day I wish that I could turn back time. Every time one of my kids gains more and more independence. Every time we enter a new school year.
    I’m often left wondering where did the time go?

    • 142

      Angie says

      Isn’t it funny how ending one school year and beginning a new one really drives home the point that they are growing up?

  17. 143


    That totally made me tear up!

    Yes, time is going by too quickly with the kids. Some days I love that they are getting older and more independent while other days I just want to sit and snuggle with them and never let them go.

    • 144

      Angie says

      I should try to sit home and snuggle with my kids. See if it lasts even 10 minutes. I think I’ve let that window of opportunity pass me by……:)

  18. 146


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