Wordful Wednesday-Holiday Edition

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”
Is it as crazy at your house as it is at mine?
Somehow in the hustle and bustle I managed to forget about writing a Wordful Wednesday post until someone emailed me about it.
Gasp.  How that’s even possible I’ll never know since I thought it was routine by now…..
So, I’d like to leave you with evidence of the activity going on {Gingerbread house decorating is a tradition we cannot miss} in my household and particularly draw your attention to my kitchen counters.
Double gasp.  Stuff everywhere.
I’m trying to breathe deeply and keep my heart palpitations under control.

Merry Christmas!
*Remember, exciting news coming soon.  Keep checking back because there will be something in it for one of you!


  1. 2

    Angela says

    We are crazy here as well, and I'm leaving the gingerbread house until Christmas Day, when all the hubbub has died down.

    Breathe and relax! Happy Holidays!

  2. 5

    Elaine A. says

    I love how everyone is looking at the camera except for your hubs! HA!

    P.S. My kitchen looks like that too!

    Merry Christmas friend! πŸ˜€

  3. 6

    scrappysue says

    i wondered when u were going to post angie! your counters are barely cluttered – really!!! happy merry holiday christmas!

  4. 12

    YoungMommy says

    How fun! We make gingerbread houses every year, too… Wait, did I forget to do this with the kids this year???

  5. 13

    A Family Completed... says

    I love gingerbread houses! I'm no good at them though, lol. I think I may pick one up and start making it a tradition sooo much fun!
    Happy Wordful Wednesday πŸ™‚

  6. 14

    Kate Coveny Hood says

    Finding it harder and harder to sit down and read, let alone write! I do love this time of the holidays though, when the tree is up and the shopping is pretty much done and family starts showing up. I'm really looking forward to this Christmas now that I have kids and not babies/toddlers anymore. So excited for their reaction to Santa's delivery…

  7. 15

    Brenda says

    I'm quite sure my house is not as crazy as yours, but I do miss those days, no small children in my house anymore πŸ™

  8. 18

    Kiki says

    such a beautiful tree. we also have a tradition of making gingerbread houses with my mother. she has learned over the years that buying pre-made kits is top priority. everyone contributes different candies. my son looks forward to it each year. a great tradition. happy holidays to you and your circus. take care.

  9. 21

    Oysterblogger says

    Merry Christmas to you! Looking forward to some big news! you are awesome I just love how savvy you are with all your addons I have been too busy for blogging so I haven't checked up enough but now as it calms down I will! Have fun with all 5 back in the nest for the holidays. We are just going to chill and recover from all our breadmaking since Christmas is our busiest time. The Breadman just fell asleep after being up for two days straight. He did that a few days ago too, glad its almost Christmas! HAve fun with the kiddies!

  10. 22

    BoufMom9 says

    There is nothing like the holidays to make you truly appreciate having lots of kids πŸ™‚
    I love the excitement filling the house (it's near tipping point right now. LOL)
    What i don't love… the clutter. LOL

    Hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

  11. 26

    Marie says

    Your family looks like they are having a good time. It's 1:42 am here and I just finished up the last of Christmas craft presents. It was so much fun and I must be overly tired and crazy because I'm thinking that we could maybe make a few more.

  12. 28

    Megan says

    How fun! I can't remember the last time I made a gingerbread house. Probably elementary school.lol

    Merry Christmas!!

  13. 29

    Buckeroomama says

    It does get messy decorating gingerbread houses, but the kids' enjoyment of the activity kinda makes it all worthwhile. πŸ™‚

  14. 30

    Hootin' Anni says

    Y'know…in all my 60 years I've never made a gingerbread house. It always looks like a fun family project…just look at the smiles!!!

    My Wordful Wednesday show the Dunes on the reef. [and a Christmas Card just for you!] HERE You'll need to scroll down a bit in my day's entry…to find the Wednesday photos.

    Happy Christmas.

  15. 32

    Robin says

    Your tree is beautiful, and gingerbread houses sound like a lot of fun. (Do you eat them later or is it just for decoration? I've always wondered…)

    With Hannukah over and the kids back at school things are settling down again at our house. Now all I have to worry about is Maya's three different birthday invitations for this weekend (three days in a row, the universe is plotting against me) and the fact that I still have to take the kids to Festigal – the huge annual Hannukah musical extravaganza. We were late ordering tickets and couldn't get during the actual holiday. After that stick a fork in me cause I am DONE.

  16. 34

    jsr says

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  17. 37

    mellisarock says

    We do a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve!! Love it…and this time of year is just messy!! No getting around that! Breathe and have fun!! Clean Later!!

  18. 38

    Grampy says

    I guess this time of the year it is crazy all over.Maya did our Gingerbread house.It came out good.She is doing Chocolate covered pretzels to bring over Great Grandma and Granpa's house for Christmas.

  19. 40

    Melissa β™₯ Spoiled Mommy says

    Gosh- I think everyone BUT me does them. I am gonna have to go buy one today so we can do one. Looks like so much fun.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

  20. 43

    MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner says

    Awwwwβ€”Christmas chaos! Gotta love it! You have a lovely family, and that tree is quite beautiful. Have a happy holiday!!!

  21. 45

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    Oh good – I'm not alone in the craziness! πŸ™‚ LOVE the picture of the gingerbread house decorating! We didn't do that this year…ran out of time! Maybe next year. Here's hoping 2010 will be a bit less hectic! πŸ™‚

    Now I'm off to throw together gift basket for Princess Nagger's teacher I totally forgot to do, which means a trip to drop it off at school. So much for a day of cleaning and organizing! πŸ˜‰

  22. 50

    confused homemaker says

    It looks like fun, my kids asked about doing a gingerbread house. They've been all about making things this year.

    Happy Holidays!

  23. 52

    Kati says

    Your house is sooooo ready for Christmas! I am soooo excited I can hardly wait.. I feel like a little kid!

    P.S. I accidentally double linked.. and #85 is the incorrect site πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  24. 54

    Serendipity is Sweet says

    I feel the same way! Just breathe and enjoy the memories…the "stuff" will be forgotten.

    Beautiful photos of your family and home. You are truly blessed.
    Merry Christmas!

  25. 57

    Raise Them Up says

    Crazy is everywhere! Your tree is huge! My boys would be jealous. πŸ™‚ And beautiful, too.

    I still need to find our missing stockings! Yikes, how many more days do we have?! Lol!

  26. 62

    Amethyst Moon says

    Happy holidays to you! It is definitely crazy at my house, too. We just got back from New Orleans, and are preparing for Christmas at Disney!

  27. 63

    Seriously Why Can't I? says

    I have cameras and video camera scattered all over my house making sure I can capture all of the most precious Christmas moments. These memories for our children will last a lifetime.

  28. 66

    Honey Mommy says

    We save all the crazy for Grandpa and Grandma's house in Tucson. We have gone every year since we got married… but this year will likely be our last.

    Enjoy the fun with family!

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