Wordful Wednesday – Holding Hands

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I have a few kids who’ve recently decided they don’t like to sit next to each other.  They fight if they sit next to each other in the car, on the couch, at the kitchen table.  It’s ridiculous.  I know it, Jeff knows it, and they know it but I think it’s become a routine.

Jeff finally had enough and took matters into his own hands.  Clearly our previous method of asking them to be nice to each other and stop wasn’t working long term.  It was working for the moment but having to say it day after day after day was getting old.

When the children in our household who shall remain nameless started fighting for the 357th time Jeff made them get off the comfortable couch and have some good-old one-on-on time together sitting side-by-side  on the hard floor.  Holding hands.  Both hands.  That worked for awhile and then they started fighting again so he made them sit even closer.

When this didn’t have the desired results they had the privilege of sitting cheek to cheek for like 20 minutes.  At the end of 20 minutes they had to hug each other and give each other a kiss.  On the lips.  In front of the whole family.  I think it worked.

So. far. so. good.

I hope these two are as smart as I give them credit for because if they aren’t they have a fun day ahead of them.  They get to hold hands ALL day LONG.  Which of course means that I will walk them to school holding hands for all to see and when we get to school one will have to walk the other to class.  Holding his/her hand.  During school, there’s not much I can do to enforce the hand holding, but I can arrive at school upon dismissal and make sure one picks up the other from class and walks him home and spends the rest of the day with him/her enjoying the feel of that hand held in his/hers.

Do you have any kids that can’t sit by each other without starting to fight?  If so, what’s your solution?

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