Wordful Wednesday & Hol.Ee.Cow: I’ll never be the same again…..

And perhaps neither will you.

Today’s Wordful Wednesday wasn’t very nice of me, was it?

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday, only WITH words. It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter, but in a good way. More info. in my tabber box titled WW on the right.

I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to share with you one aspect of my vacation that will NEVER be forgotten.  It’s that thing that will forever trigger my memory of this particular camping trip.  It’s my,  “remember that camping trip when there was a dead cow behind our camp site?”, and we’ll all nod in confirmation.  And groan.

Because it kind of changed me.

For real.

When I happened upon it  I was NOT expecting it.  When I smelled it, well, let’s not go there.

Luckily, the wind took pity on us and didn’t blow the stench in our direction until the last morning of our adventure, and we didn’t spend our time in camp anyway.  Unfortunately, every time we took 4-wheeler rides on the trails behind our camp site, we had to pass the bloated, fly infested, putrid smelling cow.

It wasn’t pretty.  Nor were the other 3 dead cows just up the way.

In case you are wondering, my dad, my grandpa and myself made the supposition that the cows probably ate something poisonous like larkspur and kicked the bucket.  Then  they were probably dragged by horse back behind the camp by cow hands.

You know,  so that they could decompose out of the way.

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  1. 19


    SO gross!

    Unfortunately I have seen a bloated cow before… ’cause I grew up on a dairy farm. Not great memories…

    But hey, at least in my tagline today I told my readers you were having a cow today. :o)

  2. 25


    Carcass Camping Trip ……sounds like a new B Horror Flick destined to wreck theaters this fall. Zombie cows and vampire bugs…positively horrifying.
    I only camp against my will 🙂
    Lovely Disgusting pic!

  3. 27


    I cannot, and do not, even want to imagine the smell! I’ve never been around anything that big that was dead. I know what a little dead mouse smells like, so I can only imagine what that cow smelled like!

  4. 28


    That’s not a pretty picture, indeed, but it does not gross me out. In fact, I think it’s a healthy dose of realism that is great for children, too, to see and learn from. Death is a natural part of the life cycle and in my opinion Western culture goes overboard trying to sterilize and deny it. Now that’s wordful… ooops. What I’d like to know is HOW did this change you, Angie?

  5. 29


    If they had that many, don’t you think they would call some org that maybe needed meat for wild animals? unless it wasn’t safe, but then what does the smelly cow do to the ground… and how nice for the camp grounds… ughh
    You sure someone wasn’t cow-tipping???

  6. 39


    Didn’t know you were camping in my back yard tee hee! Gotta love Utah mountains in the summer. Dead cows everywhere. Not to mention the small deer that got plowed over on my street in the CITY mind you!!

    • 50


      PS: I’m not sure why, but my WW post is not showing as my last post even though it is my most recent…it always seems to do this when I comment right after I’ve written my WW post. What am I missing?

  7. 58


    ewww! I can’t imagine camping all week right next to that. We had a dead deer in our front yard earlier this summer (it got hit by a car and thrown into our yard) and that was bad enough. I kept fearing the kids would see it before it got removed. Unfortunately, the road commission never came out to remove it so my husband had to do the nasty job himself and drag it out to the woods and bury it. I don’t know HOW he did it, but I’m glad he did.

  8. 63


    Thank you for that, Angie. I now have to rebrush my teeth because I threw up a little in my mouth. Thank you for that. It’s why I love you. I lie. Not really. I love you for many other reasons, none of which involve stinking dead animal carcasses thankfully.

  9. 75


    Whoa, wasn’t expecting that. And to be honest I have family that raises cows, and when they die unexpectedly they are take care of the remains, usually by burning. Otherwise it will take a long long time to decompose and will attract scavengers. I think they must have gotten into something also, because it’s unusual for some many to die at the same time.

  10. 77


    okay, so just with a glance….totally thought it was a dog rolling in a puddle….or maybe it was wishful thinking or optimistic thinking??

  11. 87


    OhMyGosh! That’s so sad! =(

    I can see why it’d make for a “memorable” vacation though! And I promise you, my MIL would’ve taken a picture too!

  12. 93


    only in Utah. lol.
    we have a similar cow story, it starts out, “Remember when that cow was stuck in the cow grate?” and ends w/, “so then it wound up UNDER the cow grate and we had to tie a rope to it and pull it OUT”.
    good times.

  13. 94


    Yeah, our family has the camping story where our camping “neighbor” almost put the whole campsite aflame! It’s a great story and looking back, is quite funny. But it was NOT at the time (we were pretty scared actually!)

    Sorry ’bout your dead cows…

  14. 98


    Oh my! That was behind your camp??? UGH…poor cow(s)…poor y’all!!! Hope you have other, great memories to focus on rather than the dead cows 🙁


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