Wordful Wednesday-Heavy Rains

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Last week we got hammered with rain here in Southern California.

It rained, and rained, and rained some more for 6 consecutive days.

Do you see how precariously close my pool was to overflowing?  You might have to double click for a better view.

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  1. 20

    Summer says

    Seriously, wasn’t that rain INSANE??? I mean, I’ve heard of weather before…but this was just too much.

    And it’s supposed to rain again tonight. =)

  2. 25

    kiki says

    Wow! Well, at least you won’t have to fill up your pool for a while. I heard on the news that people were asked to evacuate due to fears of mudslides in certain areas, but when interviewed, folks said they wouldn’t leave their homes and possessions. I can’t begin to imagine going through something like that. I’m glad you and your family are safe. Happy WW and take care.

  3. 26


    You got rain and we got snow, snow, snow! I’ll have to post some pics on Friday of all our white stuff!

    P.S. Even full your pool looks fab. I still want to come for a swim!

  4. 29


    Wow, Angie! That is a lot of rain! I have seen so much of it on the news and it is terrible! Don’t you wish you could just save it and ration it out as needed??????

  5. 30


    Holy crap, I hope you back-washed the pool! I bet you haven’t seen that much rain in a LONG time.

    I’ve sent you three emails over the past couple of days, to both of your email addresses. Did you get any of them?

    Justine 😮 )

  6. 52


    I’m sure the rains are making you all pretty stir crazy, but I kind of really like that picture. I read something recently that said that a good rain brings out the colors in nature…your picture reminds me of that. 🙂

  7. 78


    I have heard it was raining. Hope it dries out soon! So do you guys swim in your pool in the winter (when its not raining) or just summer. Growing up in Northern California we had a pool but didnt do any winter swimming except the hot tub on occasion.

  8. 80


    HOLY COW! That is a LOT of rain! I imagine it’s going to turn green 🙁
    It’s always so hard to keep the PH normal after a heavy rain like that. UGH

  9. 92


    Isn’t it funny the only reason I knew you’ve had a TON of rain is because Ellen talked about it EVERY DAY last week! LOL. But seriously – that’s impressive. I should show you a picture of our blizzard day yesterday – that might make you feel better about it. 😉

  10. 93


    I hope you are getting a break with the weather. My SIL is there and she was telling me that they are expecting a storm to come in today/tomorrow too.

    Glad the pool didn’t over flow!

  11. 111

    Kirsten says

    Did the kids want to swim in it? Too bad it was too cold, I guess its not safe to swim in the rain because of thunder and lightening, but I have always thought it would be so fun to swim while it was raining! 🙂 Great picture of it, and so glad that it didn’t come in the house.

  12. 114


    WOW. That is a lot of rain. I hope the rain stops or had stopped already before the pool starts to overflow and that would be really bad.

    Happy WW!

  13. 116


    I can’t believe I got here so late this week! I can’t believe how many came before me already! lol.

    Okay….first off…BEAUTIFUL POOL!!!!!!!!!!! Nice! Second….it is SO close to going over! I hope the rain stopped without having a flood or having to pump!

  14. 117


    That looks like here right now. The large river (please don’t ask me what it’s called) we drive over every day has swollen over its banks and covered the shores that surround it. Everything is muddy and gross but at least the rain has stopped. Probably gonna snow by the end of the week. Lucky. Me.

  15. 128


    Hubby and I singing” It never rains in California but Girls don’t they warn ya, it pours, man it pours”,lol. I remember moving to California and the rainy season beginning, It poured right into the house we rented. Because it was the raining season they would not repair the roof, so we moved out after less than a month.
    My WW link for you

  16. 148


    I only kind of feel sorry for you… mostly because you have a kick butt pool in your backyard that I am SURE you can use like, 300 days out of the year in balmy CA!

    Still, rain day after day can get a girl down….

  17. 173


    And how excited am I that you added MyBrownBaby to your “Those I Read” page? VERY!!! Thank you so much for the link love—it’s much appreciated. I adore your site, too! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  18. 177


    That is a lot of rain. My brother in blossom valley said that they expect it to rain the whole month of March – something like 11 Feet of WATER! Holy Cats – That is a whole lot of water. Happy sailing!

  19. 179


    Girl! I am SO feeling your rain pain. If it isn’t raining here then it is 22 degrees! COME ON SPRING! 😉 You’ll have to stop by today, I think you’ll like my post. 😉

  20. 187


    I live in Northern California and saw all you in the south were getting hammered.. ugghhh for us is more rain. Hopefully it has let up alittle for you. We actually had a tornado in brentwood (bay area) hello are we in Kansas or what! I know a tornado it was going 5 mph. There was a tornado watch a few days earlier for the santa cruz mountains and san jose.. This is crazy.

    Have a great week!

  21. 195


    Hi there, I grabbed your button for WW, and when you click on it it says ERROR 404, little help here. Thanks. As far as the rain you have just remember to collect in pairs. LOL


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