Wordful Wednesday-growing up

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It’s hit me especially hard the past few weeks that my kids are getting big. I mean, big, big. Growing up big. They are sprouting like weeds, and ALL of them look so much older lately. So much older. NONE of them look like babies anymore. Not one. And then there are rites of passage like graduations that slap me upside the head and really make me take notice.

This sweet child is going begin kindergarten in a few short months. My twins are supposed to go in just over a year. How did that happen? Someone send me a time stopper, please.


  1. 12

    Cecily R says

    I am so not ready for any of this growing up stuff…not with ANY of my kids.

    Tell that boy of yours to stop getting bigger. Growing up before our eyes is not allowed!

  2. 21

    Erica says

    I have a daughter moving up to 1st grade I can’t be she is going to be in school a full day schedule. How cute they have cap n gowns I bet he’s excited about kindergarten.
    happy WW

  3. 33

    Kimberly says

    Wow, time does fly! When my toddler and I are out and we run into a mom with a child who is one year older than my daughter, I think gosh, that will be my little girl before I know it!

    My Wordful Wednesday is up today. I tried to describe a photo in words (what my personal business card would look like)!


  4. 36

    FranticMommy says

    CUTE! that’s going to be us this week Thursday. Our oldest is graduating Kindergarten. I already know I will cry like a baby.

  5. 41

    Hootin' Anni says

    Oh dang but this is cute!! My son graduated a couple of years ago…with his master’s degree….just you wait.

    Great photos!!!

    My wordless is posted. There is a direct link at the top of my blog post that will take you to my wordless photo if you’d like to skip the test I provided above it. Happy Wednesday.


  6. 46

    Live.Love.Eat says

    OMG!!!! MY post is about the same thing. It’s amazing isn’t it. I cried yesterday picking up my son’s registration packet!!!! He looks so cute in his cap and gown. Our graduation is tomorrow!!!!

  7. 58

    Sweet Serendipity says

    I know how you feel. I posted about the same sentiment on my WW this week. Your cute is too darn cute in that cap and gown. What great photos!


    BTW, I think Mr. Linky is back up.

    Happy WW!

  8. 60

    Pam says

    I am right here with you on all of this!! Didn't it seem like we would never be out of the baby stage!! Now look at them!! we just did the preschool graduation too, and will be doing kindergarten in the fall & my youngest will be the next year!

    Looking for Mr. Linky, hope he returns soon!! I wrote a Wordful Wednesday this morning on my son's first t-ball game last night! HILARIOUS!!!!


  9. 71

    Renée aka Mekhismom says

    Adorable. Time flies doesn’t it? I can’t believe how quickly the two years since I’ve had my son have gone by. I know you feel it every time one of your children has a birthday. Amazing isn’t it? Time stops for no one.

  10. 76

    Lori of I'm no super Mom says

    So precious! My little man’s last day of Kindergarten is today, and I am super sad! You are in for a fun year!

  11. 79

    sassy stephanie says

    Urgh. I hear ya. I keep telling mine I’m going to be putting boulders on their heads so they will stop growing.

  12. 84

    Dana says

    What a cutie! Seriously though….it’s heartbreaking, to me anyway, that they grow up SO fast. Have you ever seen CLICK with Adam Sandler? I’d love to have a remote like that just so I could rewind and watch over and over some precious life moments gone by…

  13. 88

    koopermom says

    When you find one of those time stoppers, send it my way okay??

    and I SO wish I could go to Vegas for the Sitscation. 🙁 But I can’t.

  14. 91

    Melissa says

    I feel the same way. And it’ll be worse when my last kids are heading to your kids ages.
    I dunno why, I can’t do anything about it, I knew this was going to happen.
    I’m not sure if it’s cause I’ll miss them once their at school. Or the loss of me being the one that spends most of the time with them is gone or what.
    Masaru starts next year.

  15. 102

    Kalisha says

    Congratulations to your little graduate! Those are such sweet photos–I can’t imagine what it will be like when my girl’s reach that age.

    Time goes by so fast. I always tell my 2 and 3 year old that I don’t want them to grow up–I want them to be this age forever! It is the sweetest time.

  16. 105

    Are You Serious! says

    ♥ He's so cute! I totally understand ya! My twins are going to start kindergarten this fall and then Liv the next it's crazy how fast it goes by!

  17. 107

    Jen says

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Time flies. I got one that will start kindergarten too this fall and my babies are going to be 2. Who said that could happen?

  18. 110

    Debra says

    Angie, NO WAY that the boys will be starting Kindergarten that soon!!!!!!!! They are only a yr older than my boys. Oh yeah. They will be starting Kindergarten in 2 yrs. YIKES!

    I am feeling the same way. Not liking it at all. Though i will be able to get the entire house cleaned while they are at school so we can play more. I still miss them so much when they are gone all day!

  19. 112

    brunger bunch says

    He looks so cute!! When you find the stopper could you please send it my way. My baby is growing up way to fast, and I am not sure what I will do when she starts kindergarten. The other 2 are growing faster than I would like too. Now I know what my mother meant when she told me that time flies, and before you know it, your kids will be grown up and gone…I can really see that ahead now, and it scares me!!

  20. 113

    Justine says

    Aw, your kids are still tiny things. Imagine what it’s like for me. i’ve got one going into 3rd grade and another 7th!

    Justine 😮 )

  21. 116

    Mandy says

    I agree. Time is flying. I always feel like there is so much I want to do with the kiddo’s…can’t fit it all in!

  22. 117

    julie says

    Cute, cute, cute! We have preschool graduation tomorrow night – I’d better bring a box of tissues! :O

  23. 118

    girlytwins says

    OMGoodness Garrett looks SO adorable in his cap & gown. I know the feeling. We just signed the girls up for preschool two hours a day two days a week next fall. Mommy is not ready for that 'sniff 'sniff.

  24. 122

    Michelle says

    My oldest is going to be in High School next year. I swear it was just yesterday when she was done with preschool!!

    Totally cute pic of your big boy!

  25. 124

    Brooke says

    I can’t believe that the twins are going to start school in just a year! Where has the time gone?!

  26. 127

    ChefDruck says

    I feel the same way and it makes me so sad. I’ve started wishing for a 4th, just to get that sweet baby smell fix again, but I see from your post that the baby craving never stops, even after the 4th! And shopping for shoes today with my 3 totally put me over the edge, hard to imagine throwing another person in the mix!

  27. 130

    Shannon says

    You know I am right there with you. We had preschool graduation today. ITs all too much to take in. Life goes way too fast…way too fast.

  28. 131

    Kimberly Kihega says

    Time goes by way too fast! My son graduated kindergarten this year. Enjoy the moments while they last!

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